Covid-19 Tracker

Good website.

Another one here:

It’s showing different numbers for Canada, though. 225 cases, and 1 death, as opposed to 176 cases and 3 deaths in your link.

I wonder if they’re just different data sources.

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Official Canadian government numbers also disagree with both of the above, but it might just be a matter of not being updated (even though it says March 14th):

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Ok, I see the problem. Look at the Manitoba numbers in the first link (might have to scroll down to Canadian Provinces):

1 case, but 2 deaths in Manitoba?

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Yeah I like that tracker. Interesting that the trackers are showing slightly different results.

Someone here heard from a friend who heard from a friend who has a nurse that’s a friend who said there’s a case in Prince George but they’re ordered to shut up so they don’t panic the public, put herself in self quarantine because she went to Costco there a couple weeks ago…
another was “forced to” order toilet paper on Amazon because SaveOn was out. The supply truck didn’t get there until later that afternoon.
Didn’t want to be the first to post about Covid19. Conspiracy, panic, etc.
It’s coming to get you Barabara, it’s coming to get you!

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Northern Health has 2 confirmed cases, both are in self isolation

two presumed cases…

The Terrace Standard says 2 confirmed…

Yup. Both confirmed, in self isolation after travelling.

Make no mistake,its here already here and out there ,I’m not going to divulge who I am but since March 10 , I have had the worst “flu” I can remember. Plus I got third party exposure from someone who went to a dental conference .Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I’m isolating. I went to the ER sunday morning after having a night of breathlessness and a superbad throat and the doctor said it was nothing and I got a puffer .No covid test. It got worse so I went up there at Tuesday midnight and an ignorant male nurse, said oh are you up here because of your little sore throat and cough. Normally I admire the nurses and doctors but when this guy acted like this and said, “well I dont know what we can do for you and we have no doctor up here” I just walked out.This was after I had been on the 811 with a nurse who could tell I was out of breath on the phone. Who knows ,maybe I just have a super bad flu .Word of advice though, if you get something that feels like the worst flu you ever had ,presume its covid 19,and I wish you the best and good luck.

In Fort McMurray, our first official case is a dentist who attended the same dental conference that you’re referring to…

We might have a few more cases tomorrow, I’m sure.

How are you feeling now, @TheD ? Is it getting better or worse? I can’t believe someone turned you away.

I’ve been feeling like death at times the last week ,he did not turn me away but I left after he was condescending towards me.

I hope you’re feeling better soon, TheD!

From a doctor in Rupert

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From Mayor Lee Brain

:point_right: Rupert - we’ve received numerous letters late today from Prince Rupert’s Physician’s Group (almost 10 doctors) urging the City to declare a local state of emergency.

We have been contemplating this action at the City over the last two days given the quickly evolving nature of the circumstances on the ground and working closely with health care professionals regarding the best course of action.

I am calling an emergency stakeholders meeting this weekend to discuss what this means for the community and the logistics of implementation if we choose to proceed.

Given our rural circumstances, this action would dramatically change our powers in order to effectively respond to the local situation.

Stay tuned for further information later this weekend.

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The city here in Fort McMurray declared a state of emergency today. We have 1 case, the previously mentioned dentist who attended the same conference referred to by @TheD

I think that in some cases, businesses have insurance that will only kick in if they are forced to close. I know a lot of small businesses here stayed open until today.

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A long, but interesting take… Do you want 4,000 deaths in the USA? Or 10 million? Which approach do you take?

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Thanks for the letter Gracies_Mom! I am over 60 so I am trying to keep our food foraging down to a minimum.

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