Contracting company

I had the number to a contracting company called Coley’s but I lost it in the move, does anyone have the number to this business? Thanks.

250 627 1121 its his home # I cant find the business one.

Thanks, I will give them a call.

I wouldnt recomend any other than woodnsteel

As long as you have a sizeable line of credit…


exactly they do quality work that is insured but be my guest and get ripped by a gypo outfit

Oh, I understand the concept of getting what I paid for but I am more concerned about paying for what I get.

I have heard good things about this guy, his partner is a friend of mine. He is a one man sometime two man operation whereas RUpert Wood N Steel are a heck of a lot bigger. Just because you pay more for something does not mean it is better!

#1, ask to see their trades qualifications ,there are a lot of incompetants out there

#2 … Ask to see their business license, Worker’s Comp Registration and evidence they carry liability insurance and get the quote in writing.

As others have said… big doesn’t always mean better.

Quote from Worksafe BC … emp_05.asp

Protect yourself – Check the registration status of contractors
When you hire people to work in or around your home, always ask them whether they carry their own coverage. If they do, ask for their WorkSafeBC account numbers. Double-check their information by requesting an online clearance letter from WorkSafeBC before they begin working for you and before you make a final payment. A clearance letter gives you assurance that you won’t be held responsible for someone else’s payments to WorkSafeBC.


Not in this particular case.

So rather than focus on the negative, does anyone have a reccomendation for a GOOD contractor? I need some work done to my deck. New rails, stairs, etc… Can someone reccomend a good contractor for a fair price?

PM me I know a guy :smile:

hes new but ive dealt with dh contracting. for doing a deck he would have no problem and fair pricing also

actually i know alot of people that do small construction jobs but they are not nescisarily contractors just ticketed carpenters that do small jobs and hobby type stuff theres actually 100’s of  them in rupert but if you want some quality work call up Cristo Holmes he does great work

Adanac does good work. He did that rebuild on Palmer’s house at the top of Big 6 at Ambrose and he’s redoing the front of that red house just past Overlook.

I have a friend who had work done by Coley’s. It turned out really well. He might not be as well known as some of the others but you have to start somewhere.

When we had work done at our store, the quote from Rupert Wood and Steel was slightly cheaper than other quotes from other smaller contractors,  They aren’t more expensive.