Computer issues

I was just locked out of my computer, how does that even happen when it has up to date protection??

Figured it out myself, lmao. Though I have a question for anyone who knows why my Citywest Webmail comes up as not a secure site.

yep their homepage did that for a day or two as well but now it is working, normally ppl report it as malicous, or they never updated their protection, and so chrome or firefox block it until they make sure it is secure

Does the address start with http or https ?

The Citywest page starts with https, the login page shows the unsecured site.

Try going directly to and see if you get the same error.

Actually it looks like the webmail is not secure:

Only the newer webmail is secure:

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It was secure, I wonder why that changed.

OMG it’s certificate expired it must be a malicious Chinese site ack! ack! they’re gonna make your computer explode in flames…
I get panicked calls every 3 months like this ever since I went to a hosting company and don’t have root access to make certificates anymore. Damn free SSL outfits certs expire in 3 months and they tend to email you three minutes before they do.

BTW if you want to never get locked out of your computer, make sure you’ve changed to a local account and leave the password blank. Unless you live with someone you don’t want on your computer, in which case use your birthday or anniversary, cuz they’ll never remember that will they? LOL

All the years of right clicking Computer or This PC - Properties to see what you’re working with or get to Device Manager are over with the update to 20H2. Now that just opens Settings but you can get to Device Manager if you scroll down.
RAM and CPU info is found on Task Manager under the Performance tab. Info is more detailed rather than the former summary

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OMG got one of those “Windows said I had a virus so I took my laptop apart” specials… keyboard off, ribbon cables poking out, no RAM even daughterboard to hold it missing, drive caddy twisted until she tore it out.
Plus the obligatory really really need the pictures off my old computer 3.5" IDE 80Gig

Add to the fun…

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