Commercial closing

I had a buddy of mine tell me that the commercial was closing its doors for good on Saturday night.
Anyone else hear this?

closing for the summer i heard.

Why would they do something stupid like that. All of the young crowd comes home for the summer, that’s the crowd that they’re trying to attract I thought. And since there’s only two other “cool” places for the younger crowd to party, that’s a pretty bad move IMO.

Oh well, stupider things have happened.

Bubbasteve speaks a lot of shit…BUT that is the martest thing she ever said!!!  Good post.

Why thank you. I think?

That’s all i heard. Just thaught i would pass that on. And yes it is a stupid move.

why is it a stupid move its a shitty building thats falling apart and its never busy. too many bars in this town anyway . look at how many terrace has lol

ahh the comercial is gross and stinks, so who really wants to go in there, it makes me feel like puking, the smell of shit that is old run down bars close em up,  build new ones 2 prime locations just opened up lol

I already EXPLAINED why it was a shitty move…  :unamused:

yea because they want a crows every business does but theres too many bars

were you just getting back from the commercial when you wrotw this?

they should close more a brand new night club that would attract live bands etc Prince Rupert is ruined by its bar crowds

meant to say crowd not crows :unamused:

just picking on you. thats all. thought it was funny.
if you noticed i to made a typo!

  slow down decker…  :wink:

yes, it is so…

The Commercial brings back a lot of memories. I started drinking in there in 1962.
Gill and Rudy were the owner/operators along with Pat and Bruce slinging beer.
In those days it was the longshoreman’s bar and always full. There was still the separated sides of Men and Ladies with escorts.
It might be hard for the younger people of today to believe, but then you couldn’t pick up your beer and move to another table. You had to get the waiter to move it for you!
And there was no standing and drinking either.
I got married in the late 60’s and got ‘reformed’ and drifted away from the beer parlours.
The Commercial Hotel is full of ghosts. There are so many stories I could tell about the place!
Are there any old ‘veterans’ left out there that use this 'new fangled cumpter thing’
that can and want to add something to the memories of THE GRAND OLD COMMERCIAL HOTEL?

heh , that place is kind of a dive now. Tonight is the last night , so go down there if u care.

Also … i heard they MIGHT reopen in september.

Wow… I never even heard about this at all… guess I should crawl out of my rock once and a while  :unamused:

I’m running out of bars with foosball tables :frowning: