Commercial closing

Ya,Something about september or a month early… Noooo clue

Time to open your own!

I still think the perfect one was Solly’s…except for the location, although I didn’t mind it myself. The view off the deck in summer was awesome and the sand pit across the road was great for some beach volleyball.

Foosball, pool, ping pong, and darts with good sightlines so going to the pub didn’t have to be all about getting sauced: lots of socializing and social activities. Plus a good menu with good prices.

Hey, Eso, Lemrac’s right: let’s fire up Solly’s again! Maybe we can steal that brew pub idea from Pegleg’s/Triple Island Brewing…

Have to agree with you there, Sollys’ was a great place !  Loved the food, the view and they used to have, many years ago, an electronic trivia game that you played at your table.  It was good fun and the free, once a week, pool games too, of course !

Good Idea, hope you folks follow through on it.

Perhaps a place where people go, where people are all the same, a place to go where everybody knows your name.  :wink:

Been working on a little ditty that would make for a dandy commercial and background music should you ever get to opening the place.

If Solly’s was to EVER open again…I’d consider working there again. LOVED working wing night! Rupert needs a place to have a wing night! Hoping no more bars/pubs close…Rupert will be back to booze cans…and house party’s.

  Solly’s needs a good management team … Walter and Deb rocked…

I believe Wednesday is Wing Night at Breakers.  :smiley:

I believe that we still have a lot of Blind Pigs (booze cans and there are many many house parties. No getting away from that fear.

not a fear. I wouldn’t want booze cans and house party’s as a primary source of entertainment. no thanks. I’d rather go to a respectable pub/establishment.  Since  I  currently work at a local pub…I’d prefer not to go to the one I work in. At this rate it’ll be one of the few left in town to go too.