Comfort Dessert?..maybe if you are over 40 like me

Hubby is away so tonight I decided to spoil myself and for supper I made a wonderful bread pudding just like mom used to make and that is all i ate…talk about comfort food for me.  I got thinking about growing up on the farm and how we always had a dessert, rice pudding, bread pudding, tapioca, custards, sponge cakes, home-made pastries, cobblers and kuchens.  It seems now none of it was fancy but it tasted so good.  I wonder if anyone under 40 has had many of those old fashioned desserts? I still make dessert on a regular basis as anyone who knows us can tell…lol…so what is your comfort food dessert?  not the fancy one you get when you go out or on your birthday but the one that isn’t so pretty but ever so good?

Oh, what a tasty topic !  :sunglasses:  I grew up on rice pudding and bread pudding, both with dark raisins (had to be dark, not the golden ones for my Mom !).  She also used to make a kind of fruit cobbler but it had big, fluffy dumplings on top and she sprinkled sugar over the top.  So yum ! My late husband was a Brit and he loved a kind of pancake that he would squeeze lemon juice over the top and cover in icing sugar. And then, of course, there is the infamous “spotted dick” which is a very good but very heavy and rich suet pudding with currants or sultanas, steamed for hours and drizzled with treacle syrup. Delicious!  I will have to keep thinking on this one !  Thanks for the trip down food memory lane  :smiley:

spotted dick and then the english sticky toffee pudding, i make that one and its sooo goood., yes, we can go on for a day or two thinking bout this stuff.  I am going to be making a tax day cake, will post a pic and its full of grand marnier…but that is fancy, its the simple i am thinking of. 

I am so tired of hearing about this Famous Spotted Dick , it sounds like something The Rollin Stones may have spread around England.

We had desserts like that for Sunday dinner.
The rest of the time it was mushed canned rhubarb, canned Green Gag plums off the trees in the yard or “Whip’N’Kill” this powdered atrificially flavored petroleum byproduct I swore they made at my Dad’s lab. Yukk.
Haven’t had tapioca pudding for decades…

I forgot about the English Sticky Toffee Pud !  OMG, so good!  Anyone remember the date and nut loaves that came in a can?  I think they were Cross and Blackwell, maybe just an Ontario thing, but really good !  Cake in a can!  Who knew?

They have whole chickens in a can. But that’s a different topic…

… and let’s not forget the famous ‘Poor man’s Pudding’

I had to google Poor Man’s Pudding and I will make it, sounds good and I have proven this weekend that man (actually woman) can live on bread pudding alone…but after an entire weekend of it and nothing else I think i am tired of it.  I am a really good cook but when hubby goes out of town that flies out the window to laziness. 

Today though I am going to test drive something called Brawny Brownies for my daughter, both her hubby and her kid are fussy eaters and i found a cookbook that sneaks vegis into food so no one can tell.  These brownies have spinach in them (go ahead, say yuk) and I am taking them to work in the morning to see what people think.  If you have a fussy eater check this page out. 

Forget those puddings and trifles.
Banana Cream Pie is King of Desserts.

Lemon Meringue is the King of All Desserts, pumpkin is the Queen and all the others are just plain common  :smiley:  rojafrog, what is in this “poor mans’ pud”?  Chocolate by any chance??  It seems you and I may be in the same age bracket, do you remember the date and nut loaf in the can?  It was great stuff  :smiley: 

I love to bake and i love to make desserts…I say sweet potato pie kicks pumpkin pie out of the picture, you really have to try it!  We love dessert crepes, i have been making pannacotta for something new, love making fancy tarts…lemon, chocolate pecan, we have fruit crisps alot and i like to do some fancy cakes but need more eaters. Check out this dessert… … dding_cake
tonight i am having the brownies i test drove for my fussy grandaughter.  She is anemic and she is under two and won’t eat.  I made brownies that have oat bran, wheat germ, whole wheat flour, tons of dark chocolate, pureed spinach and blueberries and added a bunch of dried blueberries and cherries.  They are very suprising, i defy anyone to know they have spinach in them.  I am taking them to work tomorrow for everyone and I will see what they guess.  I ate three tonight. 
I got the recipe from the Sneaky Chef.  I would love to own a business one day where i can just cook for others.  Does anyone know how to post pics here??  i think this is better than lemon meringue but then i dont like meringue.  Codybear, we grew up on the farm so mom made the date and nut thingy, never saw a tin of anything I recall, my parents even home jarred meat and butter.  The poor man’s pudding does not involve chocolate, its similar to a rice pudding from what i can find online. 

The brownie recipe sounds GREAT rojafrog and I would think with all those ingredients, you wouldn’t detect the spinach !  Love the dried berries, I love to just sit and scarf those down ! As far as the “canned” date and nut loaf is concerned, we lived on an air force base in France for three years and it was a treat that our relatives used to send over to us.  Mom used to make killer butter tarts and I had sweet tater pie when I spent some time down in the south. Yum!  So let us know how the brownies rate !  :smiley:      As far as posting pics, when you post a reply, you will see below the reply box, “additional options”, click on that and click on browse and do the usual stuff !

Cool Codybear, Thanks…here is a triple chocolate cheesecake for you cause i know you like chocolate.  Buttertarts like Nanaimo bars are canadian treats…make some for your friends down south and they are suprised, sweet potato pie is a southern treat much like red velvet cake but i spent time in a black community so had exposure to their goodies…anyway, night now…

I had to resist the urge to lick the screen after viewing the previous post.

Song, Song of the South

Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth

Gone, Gone with the wind

There ain’t nobody lookin back again

Codybear,  I had about 10 adults or more try the brownies this morning…all of them thought they were really good and not a one of them thought spinach, one guessed close with zucchini but there is none…and the pureed blueberries added the sweetness.  So they were a big hit and my office has lots of mom’s who now want the recipe for their fussy eaters…oh, did you enjoy the triple chocolate cheesecake i sent you???

The westend, yes I said it, the westend. Has one of the best Banana cream pies going. You have to get it when they make it as they do not make it everyday or week for that matter but it is the bomb. My mom being from back east used to make this pie called a “sugar pie” and it was not healthy for you but it was to die for,LOL.

Had that poor man’s pudding today, it was like those pudding cakes you make…it was a white cake top with a carmel sauce underneath…very plain and sweet but i can see how the old farmer’s would have loved it, especially with fresh cream.

Hi rojafrog !  Thank you for the pic of that beautiful cheesecake so when are you going to deliver it?  LOL  I am glad everyone liked the brownies, I knew they would  :smiley: I wonder if you could sub the spinach with zucchini, would that change the measurements much? Would be good also, I think !