Cn train whistle at Fairview crossing

So what is happening with all the LOUD noise?It seems to have gotten louder,I thought the city had a noise bylaw because this has gotten ridiculous!The VIA rail train only has a little toot as it crosses the Fairview road.It would seem CN needs a crossing arm or some other way to make this go away!

Even a crossing arm wouldn’t end the need for a horn, as it’s a safety issue. What might solve the problem is a tunnel or overpass for the road at that point, removing the need for the grade level crossing.

While I can see how it is an annoying occurrence, I’m not sure that the complaints are all that valid. After all, that is a working freight yard and has been for years, so anyone buying a home on that side of the city surely must have realized that trains would be using that yard and that safety concerns dictate that they sound their horns.

Likewise, when the reduction plant at McMillan fires up, it’s part of the landscape on that side of town, and occasionally disgorges a most unpleasant odour.

Lobby for the tunnel or overpass, it’s probably your best bet for a horn free environment.

Yeah that sounds just right  up the City Council’s Alley, a downtown ghost town but lets build us a tunnel,next we will have the renewal of the bridge to Digby happening. Get ear plugs.


First, they complain that there’s nothing going on in this town, next, when there is something going on, and bringing money into the town, they complain about the noise…

Suck it up cupcake, if you don’t like it… MOVE. I don’t hear those noises on my end of town…

Not everything falls at the feet of the City you know.

An overpass, tunnel would have nothing to do with the city, it’s CN easement, thus would be their responsibility and cost.  Small price to pay to solve a PR issue.

I know everyone is different but I grew up on an airforce base in Ottawa, also the international airport, so the noise level was high but I loved it !  It was almost comforting to me as a kid and used to visit my grandmother in the summer.  The CN rail line was at the end of her backyard and I loved that too so I suppose growing up with these sounds as the norm does not bother me in the least nor does big city traffic !  I get pissed off with the random stuff like cars with their vibrating boom boxes or dogs barking all night, stuff like that but the other is comforting to me like the world is still moving around me in the middle of the night  :smiley:

This is an issue in a lot of places around the province.  People buy houses near the railway tracks, then complain about the trains.
There have been a few municipalities where they have bylaws so CN doesn’t toot their horn at crossings.  But usually it gets turned over because someone almost (or does) get hit by a train and complain that they didn’t hear it coming.
Again, Darwin doing his job.
It probably only happens a couple of times a week, and you notice it a bit more now because with the warmer weather, you have your windows open.
It will get worse if/when the container terminal expands, so get used to it.

Most crossings these days have gates and lights, so there’s no need for horns.

Interesting debate in Grane Prairie on much the same issue, … ?e=2534060

Of note from the article the following:

“A possible solution would be a local improvement tax, payable by those pushing for changes.”

So folks the train still bothering you? :imp:

Ummm… last time I check they still use horns on light and gated crossings.

Not needing horns at gated crossings is very short sighted.[size=1](embedding is disabled by user)[/size]

Well excuse me, They still would need to sitdown with the city in order to proceed. But as they posted further up about you being Snarky
Ms. Smurfette maybe you should take a pill then take that “is that a dog?” for a walk.

I live in the Graham/Atlin area and hear the trains frequently. I don’t really understand what all of the complaining is about though. I think that we’d be hard-pressed to find anyone living in this area who built prior to the railway going in. We bought above an industrial area and a rail line. It is what it is.

For several years I lived in rural Saskatchewan along the rail line. You think it’s noisy here, there’s a lot more train traffic out there.

Ah gee, someone comes up with a workable solution and you still find a way to take a shot at the city, need to get off the one horse you ride on I would think.

P.Incorrect, you make a very good point!  The tracks have been there over 100 yrs and with development on that side of town, this is the price those who live over there will have to pay. What is going to happen when Phase II goes in?  Business and noise will increase and if those who do not like it, they do have a choice, they can move.  :smile:

I live by train tracks in Grande Prairie and don’t mind the sounds of the trains at all. I think sound at night is actually hauntingly beautiful.

Do people who buy homes in the flightpath of an airport try to get bylaws put in place to turn off jet engines because they’re noisy too?

What a bunch of idiots!!The CN said that there would be No noise from the container trains when the container port was being proposed.And it is all nite long not just the odd time…We have lived in the same house for over 25 years and we NEVER had a problem with train whistles as they DID NOT shunt trains back and forth across the Fairview crossing,and how does VIA get away with a couple of toots,not a horn that can be heard in Terrace!The people that live on Graham and Atlin get taxed up the hoop and shure as hell should not have to put up with being woken up at all hours.

Give me a break, the industry is here, and has been for YEARS. My mother grew up on that side of town as did I and we both sucked it up. Be thankful the containers are here at all because if they weren’t, Prince Rupert wouldn’t have much left at all. If you don’t like the noise… MOVE.

It’s quiet over on my end of town, other than the sea planes roaring every morning around seven. DO you see me complaining at that? Waking me up when I’m sleeping. Quit bitching, you have no sympathy here. Why not just boycott the containers and the trains all together eh? See where this town goes then… :unamused:

hahahhaa stop the jet engines! too funny.

a few short whistles every time the train moves back and forth, if CN gets rid of that and puts in bells and whistles at the crossing, every time the train is within 200metres the bells on the crossings stay on and doesn’t stop until the train passes by, so what is worse constant bells or a few short blasts of horn?

Might not hurt to read the applicable policy before making suggestions to the city or CN for that matter …

There must have been a lot more train traffic, bell ringing and horn blasting in years gone by … scary thought in a way if the tracks fell silent after almost a century …

Except of course if the city leaders stopped taking whatever approach they’ve been taking to the sale of Watson Island … receiving proposals then mailing them back without discussion etc … and sat down with CN and suggested that they move their yard out there … part of a long term commitment to the Port … ajaye reassures us the fourth crane will be installed any day now … Phase II is only a matter of time … Canpotex likewise we hope … well quite a few of us do anyway.

Don’t worry too much about the cash … take some waterfront land in exchange … trade one contaminated site for another … a bigger waterfront park, perhaps with some modest commercial/residential development to prop up the tax base … it would be a sight to behold … sure to lift the spirits of our most depressed insomniacs and the rest of us as well … except of course the most ardent complainers, of which there are always a few.

Apparently CN had some meetings about Watson Island last year … but I don’t get the impression the city picked up the ball … they may not have even attended.