Monsters in New York! :smile:

I have to admit, it does look interesting.  I mean it has to be better than “War of the Worlds” anyhow.

Is the whole movie filmed like that?  “Blair Witch Project” style?

I hear Vancouver was like that last night, shit flying off the roofs of buildings

People here (Vancouver) panic over a centimeter of wet snow in the morning. … 677.0.html

I’m not sure if the whole movie is like that.  I heard about the movie today on CBC radio and went looking for the trailer.  The movie reviewers did comment on the Blair Witch look with the cell phones.

Why New York?  That poor city has been destroyed sooo many times!!!

how many people plan on going to go see Cloverfield in theatres if it is in this Friday??
for those of you who don’t know about it, it is a movie about something attacking new york. The trailer was attached to Transformers and it was very secretive. Nobody knows what the monster is yet but the crew working with the movie keep releasing videos and pictures hinting and keeping up the hype.

official site:
random character video blog: password is  jllovesth

The movie will not be here next Friday, or even the Friday after that. Films like these depend upon a good initial reception. Since it’s not being screened, it’ll go through a box office pissing contest with the other blockbusters in more populated areas in order to determine which of the celluloid turds will wash up in our sad little triplex about three weeks from now.

That being said, I will see it if it comes. : )

It’s not here this week. AVP is held over, as is the chick flick. All we’re getting new is some Tom Hanks CIA movie.  :cry:

there have been screeners and if you do some searching there are spoilers for the movie…that being said. this movie will not disapoint.

Agreed.  This movie has an interesting look to it. :sunglasses:

I got a feeling its going to be like that movie where they are camping in the woods with the hand held camera.

I want to see family guys tribute to starwars.  Is that new?

Billy anyone who google’s cloverfield can tell you it was shot from the prospective of the person holding a cam.

Warning Spoiler on Cloverfield…

There is more than one monster and you do see them but when you do see it you will feel disappointed…
Q:  What other movie is this most like?
A:  A little Poseidon Adventure, but with a monster.  Although a fairly esoteric 80s flick Miracle Mile kept coming to mind.  Ticking clock, searching for your lost love, no escape.  Miracle Mile is a better movie.  But Cloverfield has a kick-ass monster and many awesome sequences.

Q:  Let’s back up a bit.  Is Cloverfield any good?
A:  Sh*t yeah.  Cloverfield is a baseball bat of thrills pounding you in the face.  It isn’t perfect (the acting is problematic) and there are some mixed signals with tone (if this is supposed to be so naturalistic, why all the corny jokes?) but for a thrill ride’s sake, it is top notch.  See it in a theater, you need to be in a big dark room of people screaming and you need to hear those sound effects.  Another reason to see it in a theater - you will get to see the Star Trek trailer.  They didn’t show this at the press screening.  So, in a way, I suck.

Q:  How long into the movie until we see the monster?
A:  About 15 – 20 minutes in is the first attack.  Even though you don’t see the monster during this attack (well, you see him for a flash) this is actually the scariest part of the film.  And will be the most controversial.  There is some imagery taken directly from the photos taken in New York on Sept 11, 2001 and that kinda made me a little queasy.  15 – 20 minutes after that you get some quality shots of the monster.  And then there are more sprinkled throughout.  By the end, he’s right in your face.

Q:  Why is the movie called Cloverfield?
A:  No real reason.  The “found tapeâ€

Really uncalled for. I don’t care if you briefly mention ‘spoilers’ at the start; that wall of text is too dangerous even to scroll past. Link it next time!

LMAO I really don’t care what you and your sister think…

[quote=“Swifticus”]that wall of text is too dangerous even to scroll past. Link it next time!

Can’t scroll pass that big motherf*cking wall of text? No problem, get a new Logitech mouse with a frictionless Hyper-Fast Scrolling feature.

I really like monster movies, not brutal gore festivals, but, scary, campy stuff.  I hope Cloverfield is good.