Citywest's 24-hour "Service"

So I’m trying to get Citywest internet hooked up in Terrace.

My roommate called on on Thursday, because I work during the day. The Citywest employee told him that I would have to call back myself, but there shouldn’t be any problem calling after hours. The Citywest employee told him that they answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So I called on Friday evening and was on hold for about 10 minutes, then got a voicemail recording. I left my details.

Nobody called me back, so I called again on Saturday. Again I sat on hold for a long time, then was dumped to voicemail again.

I called again this morning, again no answer, and dumped to voicemail.

So I tried sending an e-mail to their 24-hour, 7-day a week service.

Still no reply.

Classic Citywest. =) … ion_survey

Take their customer satisfaction survey. Oh wait, you don’t have internet.

Are you honestly surprised?

On the plus side for you, (not so much for CityWest) you live in a town where there is competition for your internet service, so…

I may have Telus as well, but where I’m located I currently have Telus, and if I stream Netflix, it’s impossible to browse the internet. So for mine, and my room-mate’s sake, we want both connections. Telus is good enough for what he does, but 1.5Mbps just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Dial the office in Rupert. 250-624-2111 and instead of following prompts, press zero. Every time I do that, I get answers. I notice when I follow the prompts, I get shunted to voicemail too.

Just tried that. Dialed the Rupert number and mashed 0 at the prompt. Then I was pointed to the operator, and immediately redirected to Customer service, and back to the 10 minutes of hold and then voicemail. This is now 6 phone calls between me and my room-mate, and 1 email, and still no human communication. I am more than willing to give them my money as they have faster internet, but it’s like they don’t want it.

Did you ask Telus if they have a faster connection available in your area? I called Telus on Saturday and it will be setup on Thursday. Id say stick with Telus.they.probably want your business.

I have a really good friend who is a Telus Network technician (not basic technician, he works on their service centers, and fibre lines), and he let me know that the internet where I am is horrible, and I have the best. I’d love to stick with Telus, considering I used to have 15Mbps. 1.5Mbps just isn’t fast enough when you’re used to 15Mbps, and 5Mbps from CityWest would be better, but I can’t get through. I am gonna try and talk just to a technician and get through that way. I will let you know if that works.

Edit - Was able to talk to a service technician! They informed me that people were supposedly there all day today, and found it really strange I couldn’t contact anyone. He told me he couldn’t do anything for me, but if I have an issue contacting Customer Service tomorrow, call a technician and get them to transfer me. Fingers crossed for hopefully getting better internet tomorrow.

LOL, I dunno a customer service program that depends on “fingers crossed” probably isn’t one that is going to lead to long term success.

by answering their phone 24hours a day 7 days a week they mean you phone the 800 number afterhours which goes to who knows where, they take down your msg and phone number and then you pray they get back to you, and yes local phone number even during business hours always gets this msg after ten minutes of waiting on the line, due to high volumes we are transferring you to voice mail, I have never ever gotten through to anyone at citywest over the last year through the phone and never had anyone call back either, best bet is always go in person. Maybe the new CEO should look into that despite their survey

They dont call it Shitty West for nothing… whoever uses Telus should try and work out service issues out with them and not be stuck like us in Rupert with shitty west…

Whats really cool about citywest is if you pay in cash your money can just disappear and the bill not be paid. Apparently its a known issue… I didnt get the impression they intended on solving the issue either. If you cant even get them to take your money without a huge hassle how helpful do you expect them to be once they have it.

Can I play this game too?

So on my 2nd call this morning, I decided to try Technical Support, and get them to transfer me. After being on hold about 10 minutes for Customer Service, someone finally answered the phone (being transfered must take precedence over new calls), and proceeded to take my order for internet. Once I was connected it wasn’t an issue to schedule an install, and everything else, but contacting them was hell. I find it funny (sad funny) that every time I tried calling their tech support I got someone, but when I wanted to become a customer it was horribly hard. I called their 1-800 number, and it was no issue. Hopefully someone can learn from my experience, and hopefully it gets installed on time, so I can play the new Star Wars game.

Star Wars game ah this explains it all, clearly your problems with CityWest suggest that you suffered what is called a “disturbance in the force”

I find it odd. Every time I’ve called there, I get transferred through right away. And they deal with my issues quickly. I’ve had to leave a message (which I refuse to do) maybe once or twice. I just hang up and call back again if I get prompted to the voice mail.

Have your download speeds been as bad as .2kbps this weekend? My “ADSL” was that frustratingly slow.

My ADSL d/l are normally around 130-150kbps, and I haven’t seen them change lately. But saying that, I’m hoping to have faster soon, and my roomie will stick to Telus, so we’ll have redundant internet, just in case