Citywest Upgrade?

Has anyone received or noticed an increase in their Citywest intermet speeds? It was announced early June that they were upgrading our internet. For example, if you have 10 mbit you would be upgraded to 20 mbit at no extra cost.

Its now August and Im still getting 20 mbit which is what I pay for. This is not meant to be a Citywest bashing post, I am wondering if anyone has received an upgrade before I call and inquire.

yes 20 went to 30, at first I didn’t notice the increase and emailed them, they said I just had to reboot the modem for it to take affect, just email the Internet department, they get back to you within a day

I’m on the 50. I imagine this does not effect me.

My 20 went to 30. a very welcome surprise. also I’m now 5mb upload

the 50 should have had a price drop, but the funny thing is they said the speeds would dbl, since when is going to 30 from 20 dbl

Didn’t they say that the people on 50 would see added upload speed or something? All I know is that my 20 went to 30, and my bill didn’t go up. I’ve had my issues with CityWest over the years, but I’m not going to find a reason to complain about this. I’m sure some people will… but those people tend to complain about everything just because they can

Thanks for the heads-up. Will re-boot my modem when I’m back from holidays. Cool. :slight_smile:

As mentioned just unplug your modem for 30 seconds to get the highest speeds. I am getting about 25 Mbps average and about 7 Mbps download during prime time. Ping is horrible. Thankfully Telus is adding my house to their new upgrade this month so I will be switching from shittywest as soon as I can.

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Telus is moving to Prince Rupert? Optic TV?

Do tell how Telus is coming to your house when there has been no information about Telus coming to Rupert other than through the upgrade for wireless and cell phone coverage along highway 16.

He lives in Terrace, not Prince Rupert.

That would explain it then. :wink:

Sorry just had to. Residential in GP.

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Hotel wifi here in Richmond, BC. This is better than my home wifi in PR. Heh. Maybe with the new upgrade it’ll compare.

Wow, that’s awesome for hotel WiFi, which usually sucks!

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I thought the wifi at the motel in Prince George was snappy, so I tested it and got about the same - over 25Mb
Was at the Sheraton in Richmond last fall, theirs just sucked.
Also got 30Mb on LTE in PG… can’t get those speeds in the Fort - piddling along with “premium” 6Mb which just went up another $5 a month!

I spent two weeks in PG for training. The WIFI at the sandman was the worst i ever used.

They were using openmesh and the signal was good but i was getting dialup speeds.
I had to tether to my iPhone if i wanted to do any serious internet use.
Worse even was the front counter people were less then useless in helping.
Their only option was a WIFI to ethernet box that provided more less than useless speed

WiFi speed at YVR right now. Still better than my home WiFi. Heh.

For comparison sake, that ~160 Mbit in/out is under $100/mo taxes in.

Nice speed for YVR public wifi!

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Called Citywest and had them reboot my modem. Nice speeds now. :slight_smile: