Citywest Upgrade?

My internet keeps stopping and I have to unplug and plug it back in. Our modem is a few years old. Do y’all think I need a new modem, or could it be a Citywest problem ??

I would call them up and discuss the issue with them. I found the technician very friendly and willing to help today.

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Thanks, I will give them a call. :slight_smile:

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Now that you mention it, yesterday the same thing happened to me. My modem went offline and i had to power cycle it too. And that was not the first time i have had to do that

Can anyone tell me if this is any good

Ping 38MS
Down load 4.46 MBPS
Upload 0.44 MBPS.
I have no idea.
Thank you

My latest result.

are you on the old 5 meg ADSL modem? if so that is a good speed for that service your ping is a little slow but that happens. I would suggest upgrading to the cable modem if you are on the ADSL modem, cheapest for cable is 30 MBPS

No. I have a cable modem. I am on quantum 20.

Jabbers 63 are you replying to hitest OR louann1 ???

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louann1 I was responding to your post

Thank you jabber 63 will get in touch with City west and see what can be done