CityWest texting gone awry?

Has anyone else had problems texting with their CityWest phones lately?

I’ve been having a bitch of a time the last 5 days with repeat texts, lagging, and messages not being sent at all.  I was talking to my friend on one phone, text him, and he received the message over 20 minutes later!  Other times if I haven’t received a text for a while, I turn my phone off and then on again, and then BOOM, 5 messages come through as soon as it reconnects to the network.

I know a couple people have been getting duplicate texts on Rogers too… what would cause that on both networks?

Yah better watch out…they are gonna nab u for texting when u don’t send a text.

Believe me…

That is hard to do when people are on unlimited texting plans.

Rogers is by far better now!

I was in Eastwind late this afternoon and a contractor was complaining that Rogers was freezing up while texting so it looks like “texting troubles” are everywhere!

o woe is me citywest wah wah wah. any one of the phone companies there will be problems just like there is problems with wives. why not get on here and complain and compare wives problems too. :unamused: :unamused:

Tell us it was translating your text messages thru a Monty python Hungarian/English dictionary and that would be news.

No thank you.  I don’t want a wife.  You can have them all.

Yeah because complaining about the people complaining is SO much different… lol

  And the connection would be…?  :confused:

Anyone here using the 711 speakout phones, im looking at scrapping my citywest phone when my contract expires

I may do that as well.  My contract is up in June.  I’ll see what’s good.

from what i have managed to piece together

rodgers prepaid min’s expire after 30 days unless you buy $100.00 worth
however you can get the 7.11 phone and buy $20.00 worth and they wont expire for a year

My brother is on speak out. It’s working quite well for him. :smile:

Hubby got a 711 speakout phone for Christmas.  It’s a dud, after a couple of months, can’t hear clearly on it.  Have to send it back to manufacturer for warranty.  Chip is good, have been looking for a cheap phone to use with chip…easier and probably cheaper than sending phone away.  My neighbour is having a problem with the same model phone they got in February.

I have a Nokia 1600 and a 1208 from 7-11.  Cheap phones, but haven’t broken on me.  I rarely use them, though.  Just take the SIM out and pop it in another GSM phone.  You can get them on eBay or other places (such as ).

Great for using an iPhone without an expensive contract.

Is it just me again or has Citywest texting been craptastic today??

Some time my phones need a reset before the text comes in, I know I have to do this every few days, So it may not be just a citywest thing it may be your phone!..


Ya no.  I phoned CityWest, and they blamed it on EVERY OTHER NETWORK.  Yes, that’s right… Rogers, Telus, Fido, and whoever else all crapped out at the same time! 

Everyone else I’ve talked to from Rupert who texts regularly (and by regularly I mean often enough to know there’s a problem, like 50+ texts a day) have had problems receiving texts from outside of Rupert.  I can’t even receive texts from Rogers customers standing right beside me!

I’ve tried the reset thing (about 14 times already today) and I’m still receiving duplicate texts from 2 nights ago, at all hours of the day and night.  This licks!

I text all day, and haven’t had any problems, except sending to Citywest. This includes to and from Bell and Telus and Rogers customers outside of BC, rogers and vodafone customers in Europe, and a t-mobile customer in the US.

During the Champions League final, I had a conversation going with two phones from different carriers in Newfoundland, and three phones from two different carriers in Europe.  I did this with both Rogers and Speakout.

Lately if I send 3 or 4 messages to a Citywest phone, the 2nd and 3rd messages usually take a long time to get there. Like between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. Strange.

If they can’t fix your issues, or don’t want to acknowledge that they exist, then it is time to move on.