CityWest texting gone awry?

Hmm kind of like standing in line at the office waiting to pay your bill could take five minutes could take thirty minutes :cry:

On Friday it took 3 hours for a text to get to my wife in Kelowna and 3hours for her reply to get to me. We are both with CityWest. We are not big texters and we may never if this is the speed :frowning:

If you’re both on Citywest, that kind of eliminates “other carriers” as the problem.

I was texting back and forth to Portugal today (during the soccer game), and it was instantaneous.  One person was roaming using a Canadian Rogers phone there, while the other was on Vodafone.  No delays from Rogers in Terrace to Europe and back.

It get’s really tiring when the typical response from a technology company is “it’s someone else’s fault.” I think the next time I have a problem, I’m going to write that on a piece of paper and then flip it up to show it to them when they drop the excuse on me.

citywest just uses bells lines . they dont use their own call northwest bell or whoever it is they get their service from

Well my service has been fine since I received 56 texts all at once Saturday afternoon. 

Well that settles it. Your pipes were clogged.

Joe the Plumber says you should run cold water through your pipes once a week.