CityWest Speeds, October 2007

How come someof you have better speeds?

Man I am totally disappointed with my CityWest ADSL speed. I just moved to Rupert from Smithers 3 weeks ago, and my Telus connection in Smithers was vastly superior. Do I have any other high speed choices in this town? I know CityWest has said it’ll be getting better once they load balance their microwave line with their fiber to Terrace a bit better; but I’m impatient.


My shit is weak :frowning:

If everybody would stop downloading tonight’s episode of Heroes, then our internet connection would be just fine.

I did my first speedtest early when hardly anyone was on.  In the afternoon I find the speed drops off a lot.

Now my speed totally blows. :imp:

Poor MiG… getting DOSed by all of the traffic that HTMF generates.

I haven’t even started watching the first season of Heroes yet.

Nope, CityWest is the ONLY high-speed provider in town.

Man, you have a kick-ass connection, nauticalpixel! :sunglasses:  Are you paying extra for that?  Maybe you’ve got a new modem?  Are you near CityWest?

Have to settle for less at home now. My amplified radio croaked on the mountaintop and I’m the only user on the this link, so I couldn’t warrant replacing it.
About half the download speed and 1/10 the upload I used to get.

I’m at 1200 Summit Ave. (Skyline Manor), so not close (really) to Citywest, no. :smile:

You have nice speeds, I wonder if your area is on fiber? :sunglasses:
Seems okay this morning, but the last couple of nights, pages have been loading slowly if at all.

Anyone know when the frig our speeds will finally be normal with ADSL I keep getting the 2 weeks answer for the last month and a half

I have no idea when the speeds will be normal with ADSL.  I find the speed is usually quite good in the off-peak hours, but poor in the afternoon, evening.
Maybe they’ll get their act together prior to Rogers setting up shop.

Mine rarely changes, it seems. heh

Persona Cable in Grande Prairie, AB. Looks pretty comparible to Hitest

Your speed is a bit faster than ours, orangetang.  :smile:  Except for nauticalpixel…his speed here rocks. :sunglasses:
Also my faster speeds are usually only in the morning.
In the afternoon and evening things usually slow down. :imp: