Citywest Headhunting

I havent heard of the city head hunting…but I know citywest does.  :stuck_out_tongue:

how do you figure that? never heard that

Yeah, they head hunted a guy out of ON (i think) last year - his wife told me the story.  I wont say names though so dont ask. 

if your talking about the customer service manager out of newfoundland . not sure if its head hunting .but everyone could look at it different :wink:

If you are currently employed…and another company offers you more money, better benefits and will relocate you and your family…I call that head hunting.  Not that theres anything wrong with that - you want the best you gotta find the best and sometimes that involves leaving the area. 

yup anything that works

Uh, it would depend if you’re responding to an ad from the company itself, or if they contracted out to another firm to “head hunt”. It’s all in the interpretation of how they sought out help.

But it’s not quite head hunting if the application was received in kind of a cattle call format ie: they published an ad and waited for replies.

What is interesting, and no offence to anyone from Newfoundland  :wink: currently working in Prince Rupert, including the new fella at Citywest, who we are sure does a stellar job.

But if they are going to keep telling us how “local” they are, how much part of the community the seem to think they will be and use that frequently as they denigrate their competition, to hire from all the way across the country seems a bit strange. One imagines that means that they couldn’t find anyone currently living here and looking for work to fill the job. 

From the Northern View of January 20

“you can support a company that is creating employment in the community and investing in the community.” … 94962.html

It would seem that they missed that lofty goal on this occasion.

Citywest already contracted out its cellular service to some company from back east.  Why not do the same for its employees?

Is it true Citywest just built a fiber link to Kitimat? And bought a building there? Now that’s the kind of decision-making talent that we need to import!

How long until phone rates in Rupert go up to pay for that?

Citywest is a gold mine for the city if we sold the company we would be
totally debt free and us hard working city workers could get nice fat raise.

oh ajaye, ajaye, ajaye, we try to help you and you so disappoint us…

Prince Rupert’s beleaguered business class can add on one more expense this spring, as CityWest announces pending increases to their business line services effective in March.

In a release posted to their website, the city owned telecommunications company outlined its application to the CRTC to increase rates from $37.88 per month to $42.88, explaining that the company has not increased the business line rate in Prince Rupert since June of 2007… … 522.0.html

And like all gold mines, it faces depletion at some point when it will become worthless to us. So I have to admit I like part of your idea… sell it, pay down the city debt and invest in infrastructure like water, sewer and roads.

As for giving City Workers a nice fat raise, an alternative that may be more appealing to tax payers may be to also sell off or privatise more of the city functions, like garbage collection, landfill, airport ferry, alaskan ferry dock etc. In fact even recreation centres and ice rinks have been successfully privatized in other municipalities.

you’ll never learn will you? you don’t need a raise . only thing you care about is city workers give it up :unamused: . city is better keeping citywest if you sell it and then what no more money every year from it .

I wonder what the taxes would be from Shittywest if it were a private company?  :neutral_face:

Shittywest used to provide $2 million per year to City coffers but has since been reduced to $1 million.

yea because they expanding to increase their market. why are people so narrow minded with city west?

I think the timing was all wrong with expanding to Kitimat…they just lost 500+ direct jobs as well as other spinoff jobs, not to mention the Mill itself and all those nice taxes! Lets just hope the union can re-open the mill, perhaps with a partner with deep pockets!

I call it wishful thinking. Oh God I wish!!!

Often well run businesses attract good employees. No headhunting necessary. They employ solid hiring practices, offer excellent benefits, and have safe and secure work places. Often they are flexible with their approach to staff and staff’s needs. Often they invest time and money into training and personal development. These business attract good employees without having anybody go look for them. In turn, well trained staff go on to continue selecting excellent prospects for employment.  Prince Rupert has a number of excellent employers. I read the credit union newsletter where it said they were selected to the top 50 mid-sized businesses for best places to work for across Canada. Look at businesses you use. What is staff turn over like? How are you treated when you walk in? Are the employees happy? Are they motivated? If you say yes, chances are you found a great employer. One final thought in case there are ppl out their feeling left out of the workforce, YOUR attitude speaks louder than you might realize. Employers can see that and some just wont settle for second best. Their business depends on it. 

they didnt have a crystal ball to say the mill was gonna shut down tho . they have to spend money to make money. i think if people are patient it will pay off

A couple of questions:

1.  Are Citywest services the same price outside of Rupert (Terrace, Kitimat, etc) as they are in Rupert?  I think they should be cheaper here.

2.  How much does Citywest pay in taxes in Rupert?  How much does it pay in taxes outside of Rupert?