Citywest email

I got this today…and I’m a little weary - shouldnt citywest have this info already?? Email User

WE are upgrading database Servers from the
old Servers (Nol06769) to the new Servers (No521766).

You are to fill the details below to enable us upgrade and
verify from the old server.






Attention:Account owners who do not update his or
her account immediately you receive this Notification
will have problems using our online facilities effectively.

Notification Code:AZX1G17GBJ

The “CityWest” Upgrade Team
Thanks for your co-operation.
Copyright © 2009.All rights reserved.

Yeah, I received the same e-mail.  Yes.  CityWest has all of your password, log-in data.  I wouldn’t reply to this e-mail and give them your log-in data.

The same phishing trip takes place on yahoo and msn, google mails etc…

On Yahoo I’ve been “informed” at least half a dozen times that my email account will be closed within the month unless I provide “updated” information which goes beyond emaill and IP numbers etc…

Of course, since I keep receiving these emails long past the ole one month,window I can only assume that I’m that big sockeye they’re still baiting their hook and looking for…

Might be a bit more believable if their earnest pleas for compliance were in a little better English…

Due to the congestion in our Yahoo! servers,there would be removal of all unused Yahoo! Accounts.You will have to confirm if your E-mail is still active by filling out your login info below after clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.
  Your Personal Information:

  User Name:


  Date of Birth:


After updating your account information, your account will not be interrupted and will continue to work as normal.Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Warning !!! Account owners who refuses to reply with his or her information within one week of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.

I got something like that once from a company posing as paypall

Don’t you have to pay for an email account? What is the benefit to that over free hotmail and Gmail addresses?

I don’t use my citywest e-mail address very much as they offer very limited storage.  Gmail does the job for me.

How true!!  I love the line “to enable us upgrade.”  English is definately this person’s second language.  Anyway, Stacked, never reply to any of those emails.  You can also usually tell they’re fake because they’ll say they’re from whatever company they’re trying to impersonate, say, CityWest, but the email address is something like "" Not too smooth.  :smile:

I wonder how many people will actually reply…

I did the second I recieved the email… unfortunately I used fake information… :smiley:

You mean the free 8 gigs and no spam ? LOVE IT!  Gmail kick’s ass.! Citytel and there 25mb’s WOOOOOOOOOO

There’s still spam on Gmail, there’s all those ad’s…

Never get em>!

If you’re talking about adsense, there are very few of them.  You can replace most of them with an RSS feed instead, by the way (so you can have HTMF in your gmail instead of ads, for example).

Also, if you use an e-mail client, you can have IMAP or POP3 to connect to gmail and you won’t see any ads at all.  Does hotmail or yahoo let you do that?

I wasn’t advocating hotmail or yahoo…

They’re all the same, I hate being watched…

I use gmail for sending/receiving information about contracts its great. I get a lot of spam because apparently spammers are posting ads for contracts on the web in order to harvest emails… odd practice but whatever. Gmail is about 99% effective at filtering the mass spam I get.

I have another email hosted on my own domain for systems management stuff, I do my own spam filtering and I’m 100% effective :wink:


Or you can buy mail plane for 20$ like i did :smile:  WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

I got a new computer…

So thats what HTMF is running on!

Awesome dual monitor set-up…wicked green CRTs FTW:)