Citywest Cell Phones

Ever since the change it takes up to 15 seconds to get ring tones, and Im getting horrible echo on my voice.  Are they going to fix this?

mine works great and I have internet now…so @&%$ ya…yngwie

I asked them the same question weeks ago, billy.  I’m having the same problems you are.  :imp:

I couldn’t dial out on my cell at all yesterday, and recieved only one call out of 5 that I know of.  I’m sick of this crap!!

trade up, the new ones work great, i just up my email working so know i can web browse and check email, all for free, I will not get billed, i just talked to citywest, not untill the plans are in effect.

What’s that cost to trade up, astro?

Has anybody gotten a clear answer to the question:  Will our existing phones support data and text messages, etc? 

I did get a voicemail from Citywest saying that from now on, voicemails will be indicated by a text message instead of an icon.  But that hasn’t happened yet.

trade your phone in and pay for phone 2 year contract price for a one year contract…

Thanks for the reply.  Just to clarify your message, astro.  :smile:

So to get all of the new bells and whistles I’ll need to:

1.  Trade in my old phone and buy a new phone.
2.  I get a one year contract at a reduced price?

Am I reading you correctly? :smile:

yes, as long as your in a contract with them. now if your phone is paid for already then Im not sure? my phone for example I bought as my contract was finished I paid for the phone durring my one year contract, the wife is on two year contract and she can exchange her phone for a new one, pay the two year contract price and still only be locked into one year… and actualy my saving is realy good since all my cell phone, digital cable and highspeed is through them. I was paying 240 a month my bill this month was 140.00 not to bad…

What, this guy is yngwie_69???

Hmmm…  :imp: (You don’t even want to know…)

THIS IS THE MOST annoying feature, the other one that is annoying is if you miss a call it text messages you too. GRR i hate it, so i canceled it. VERY annoying.

Yeah, but the point is that to enable this annoying feature, they’d have to support data on their existing phones.  If that’s the case, then there shouldn’t be a reason to have to buy a new phone just to get the data stuff.

If they say you have to buy a new one to get this feature, ID BE PISSSED, that would be such a scam.

Agreed.  My citywest phone isn’t even 6 months old, but, none of the wireless Internet/data stuff works on it…I’ve tried.  I guess I’ll go talk to them after Christmas and see what they’ll offer me…I’m not very hopeful.  On the upside my unit still functions so I can limp along until my contract expires and then I can decide what to do.

I doubt they’re playing with stuff on Christmas night, but I had a text message come in a little over an hour ago from a friend in Terrace, who is a Telus client, as am I. What is strange is that my new voice mail prompt is still active, though my box has been empty for 3 days. Also, I get the “Latitude_Wireless_PrinceRupert” prompt, whenever I lose/gain service.

im playing with the stuff, checking emails, browsing. playing games on my citytel phone…

My thoughs…

I might be way off on this, but it sounds like they would require everyone to bring their phone in to be reprogrammed, something they probably don’t want to deal with. If you’re buying a new phone it gets programmed when they activate it, right?

I have a Nokia through Telus which had loads of features disabled, to the point where audio files not branded by Telus were prohibited to be used as ringtones, including my own  voice recordings. After reading forums, I found Nokia programming software, which easily unlocked the stuff I wanted to use. In my case the features were locked out, not unavailable. Maybe Citywest locked out the features you guys want, because they were not supported at the time. Now that they will be, the phone would need to be reprogrammed. Not a complicated procedure by any means, but imagine having everyone in Rupert coming into CityWest to have this done. There must be around 3000 mobiles in town.

I have a program to fix all this if you want it :stuck_out_tongue:


Just did a friends Bell phone so he and use his mp3’s as a ringtone.

It’s already been done, with Nokia Diego.