Citywest Cell Phones

thats the one i have :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t know if you had it or not :stuck_out_tongue:

just gave my htc touch to g/f and bought the HTC 6800, very nice with wifi…keyboard… :smiley:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

You will regret what you just did, the screen’s ARE NOT durbale at all, and the keyboard cable the connects the screen to the keyboard breaks VERY easy, its the worst phone that has been designed.

You will see in about a month, ( the time line it usually takes )

I see … CityWest creates the problem … customer brings in phone that has powered down too quickly, or won’t ring properly, etc. … bring phone in to CityWest … CityWest gets another 2 year contract out of you and you get a new phone that actually works? I call that a scam …

one question … if you go on the internet and stuff on your phone do you get charged? cuz right now its allowing my phone to connect to the internet… quick reply please… i aint doing it anymore cuz i might get charged on phone bill

no charges yet

are they gonna cut it off and make people apply for it afterwords?

yes…i brought mine in today for something else and i cant log on now

when u go online is it #777

for me i just connect to the web in the tab

If Bell works out there, you guys might consider Solomobile. It works everywhere Bell and Telus does.
My phone was originally pay as you go, but while I was in Vancouver I needed to make mucho calls back and forth to the Fort. I switched to a $35 plan that HAD NO CONTRACT.
This morning, my phone fell and I grabbed the charger cord to stop it. The charger plugin on the phone gibbled up… so it was gonna die soon as battery did. I was going to Prince anyway, and in Costco they had a Bell-Rogers-Solo stand.
Tried to talk me into a new free phone with a contract, but I told them only if they got rid of the $6.95 system access charge. i was informed I would have to BUY the phone at the FULL price then. [/snide tone]
$79 fucking dollars.
I shoved the money in her face in 2 seconds… I was expecting from her tone they’d want $300 or something.
She programmed it and tossed in a free car charger, she was so shocked. I guess she hadn’t run into too many ppl with cash left after christmas