City Tel or City West

I cant receive phone calls on my cell, takes up to 30 seconds to dial a number, and bad delay.
I still have a year contract with them.  How much would I have to pay to get out of this contract.  They should just let me out of it.

A couple of suggestions:

1- Make some new friends.

2- Write you number preceded by phrase “For a good time call” in a public washroom.


When did you purchase it ? Call them and bitch, tell them if its not fixed you are canceling your contract as they are not providing the services you are paying for. If they say you have to pay a ETF fee, then search google and see if you can put in a complaint towards SHITYTEL.!

In case you don’t get the paper.
They made the full switch over today. Completely new network.
They’re still working out the bugs.


Snoozle is free Wednesday and Friday, would it really hurt to read it?


Also, you should check your voicemail.
I got a message this morning that told me all about it.

So I just got a message alert on the old cell, it is some lady from city west but it says it was dated Friday Jan. 18th. So they are changing their voice mail well I hope the hell that it will be delivered the same day that you leave it.

1 min to load a page,  if at all.  The last few days I have been unable to get the speeds \i have been paying for.  I do realize that 3 to 5 megs is not going to be the speed i get all the time  but you think that I would get at least 3 megs some of the time,

I called them up recently called and asked why I have not been geting these speeds.  I was told they should not be advertising the packages the way that they do as it is misleading.  You Think So?
This fits in with what I was told late last year,  I was told by a lady behind the counter that they were aware that people were not getting the speeds they were paying for and that it was a management decision to continue to charge the high speed prices.

On a lighter note I was told that they should be anouncing a date to role out the cable internet which should be cheaper and hopefully a bit more reliable.

My voicemail stopped working altogether.  Some calls weren’t getting through to me today (I even tried calling myself).  No ringing, no nothing. 

Very weird.  Anyway, I e-mailed Citywest, I’m sure they’ll fix it up soon.

How come I am getting so many minus, starting to get a complex. I think :sunglasses:

No calls were getting through to my phone either today.  It didn’t ring when I tried to call myself, but I could leave messages on my voicemail.
My daughter’s cell worked fine though.

On the positive side, I got my Citywest bill today and they seem to no longer charge the $6.95 system access fee, just the basic fee and the 911 access of $1.00 per phone.

so just to be a smart ass, what was it that you were going to ask yourself had you answered the phone? :smiley:

Yeah I remembered to try and call my cell phone today to test it. Same thing as other people. No call received and when I left a voice mail it didn’t go through either. I’m going to call them tomorrow to straighten it up.

So they are going to cable internet eh? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t cable work better over distances? Where I am I’m at the outer limit for dsl and I get crappy a crappy connection and speed. Cable will be better for that theoretically right?

Theoretically, yes. 

Well if so, I can only urge all of Prince Rupert’s current DSL users to switch over to cable, which thus will send massive amounts of data streaming to my DSL connection at breakneck speed.


Oh and a story about customer service. Someone I work with was telling me that she went down to Citywest to upgrade her connection from dial up to dsl. She just got a new computer and was eager to see things speeding along. When she goes to CityWest she is told they are out of dsl modems, and they aren’t getting anymore in because of the switch to cable. So she says well then give me cable internet. Oops… they aren’t ready for that yet, so she walks away with nothing but a story to tell about customer service.

Quite a way to run a business.

So if I’m reading this right, CityWest won’t be providing DSL modems anymore, prefering that the locals sign on to the cable version. So what happens if a current subscriber has a modem that craps out, but doesn’t want their digital cable service, are they just out of luck?

Are they supposed to buy one elsewhere, or just abandon the idea of anything resembling fast internet access?  There’s a huge number of people that left Cable back in the Monarch days for Sat tv, I can’t see any of them dumping that for the current offerings of the digital cable.

But they still might want to upgrade their DSL modems…

Man you’re right it’s a strange way to run a company, leaving their once loyal customers to twist in the wind.

I wonder if Rogers is planning on moving into the wireless internet world?? 

I hope Rogers will offer wireless internet.  I’m already sick of the fabulous cell service we get now.  I still don’t receive half the call made to me.  Voicemail messages arriving a day late.  Crap service.  Nice upgrade.  :unamused:

Hmmm maybe that is why they want me to return my DSL modem.  I moved to Terrace last fall and when I went down to CityWest to cancel phone and internet service not a single person said squat about returning the DSL modem.  I kept our CityWest cell phone since we had a bit to go on the contract so I still get a bill from CityWest.  On the January bill was a charge of $75 for the modem I didn’t return.  This is for one of the original dsl modems (I was one of the original test residential DSL customers) - more than 10 years old.  Not once in the time we had CityWest ADSL did anyone ever enquire about the modem, offer to upgrade it, etc.  But when I don’t return it they want to charge me $75 and interest on top of that as well.  But I guess they need it since they don’t have any more - and they could hand out dinosaurs.

BTW - keeping the cell phone turned out to be a good deal since there is no roaming now and I get better service than if I were still in Rupert (since the phone now roams on the Telus and Bell networks for free - networks that actually work).

[quote=“CrazyMike”]So they are going to cable internet eh? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t cable work better over distances? Where I am I’m at the outer limit for dsl and I get crappy a crappy connection and speed. Cable will be better for that theoretically right?

yo mike, I remember when citywest was like "Oh yeah we’re getting better networks and stuff for you High Speed DSL users like 3 or 4 years ago.

so I suppose we shall wait another 2 to 3 years to get cable internet  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: