City Tel or City West


I expect that the service that Citywest is currently providing will only get worse as time goes on.  Is it true that the signal for cell service is coming as far away as the Yukon?


[quote=“Council Watch”]  Is it true that the signal for cell service is coming as far away as the Yukon?

Citywest has partnered with Bell and its subsidiary Northwestel.  Northwestel also provides service to places like the Yukon.  That doesn’t mean the cell signal is coming from the Yukon.  That would be crazy.

It’s coming from the top of Mount Hays or wherever in Rupert they have their cell towers.


For my job, I pretty much depend on my cell for business since I do a lot of running around.
So this BS with missed phone calls, and voice mail that comes 2-3 days too late…not nice.

Is Rogers supposed to be coming to PR sometime soon?


Rogers was supposed to be here back in November.  Currently, they’re saying “first quarter 2008”  They’ve pretty much finished their construction and stuff, apparently.

If you’re having problems with your Citywest phone, take it down there and tell them.  They’ll fix it up.


Cable Internet…??
When is that rumoured to start…
And what do we do at present if our DSL modems crap out??
I just hope the change over from DSL to Cable goes better than what we have
experienced with cells… I am sure you can get cable internet and keep star choice and not take cable tv… cannot understand why anyone would leave star choice for cable tv…
Can’t get over at present you can not acquire high speed service if you are new to it…
What a  company it should be called “shitty west” and if Rogers gets into internet off I go.
I don’t think they are though… 


Wow.  That almost made sense. 

Better luck next time!



Read in the paper that the data services are being suspended for the month of February as they need to sort out their connections to other networks. If this wasn’t so sad… it would be criminal. What type of project planning does our five million dollar man and his gofer Rob Brown use to launch new services. If this wasn’t still the only game in town it would have been out of business by now.

Unfortunately, with the coming of new entrants, the tax payers of Prince Rupert will once again see their assets devalued / written off like Skeena. Only this time, we will lose more that a measely 10 million dollars.  Ah no problem, we’re safe from killer kitties with the hiring of an animal control officer.  Stay tuned for the song and dance from our local politico’s once they are backed into a corner and realize that City West has become unsalvageable.


Not all data services. Just mobile web browsing.

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