Charge them! Typical City Hall

Last week I went to cityhall to purchase a bus pass for the rest of this year.  3 Month are left this year, for senior are $ 3.- A whole year is $12.-  At the same time I wanted to get a annual parking pass for Rushbrook Floats. I was quoted $200. Is this Pass now valid through September of 2008? I have asked? , but I was informed the Pass is only valid till the end of the year. Thanks a lot, typical City-Hall.
I tell all of you what a RIPP-OFF.

Everything about them is a rip off.

esp. now they will really be a rip off
they gotta make up that 5 million that went missing in accounting.

I was recently at the dump dropping off a load of junk that had accumulated at my house.  After dropping it off I was surprised to be charged $24 for it.  The last time I was there the pay scale was either $1 or $2 depending on the weight. 

Rushbrooke is something that annoys me as well.  When I launch my private vessel it costs me $5 for 4 hours to park along the road that is hardly big enough to fit my truck and trailer.  I’m going to Port Ed next time I put my boat in the water.  What is the incentive for me to use the municipal launch?  They really have nothing to offer me except a longer run in my boat to get out of the harbour.

It seems to me that the city is almost gouging it’s residents now.  Our taxes are through the roof, user fees are increasing all while services are still down.  All of this extra paid out and still told that capital projects will be halted for the rest of the year because someone screwed up the books to the tune of $5 million.  Many of us have an $800 utility bill due this winter too because the city wanted to get more money earlier in the year.  Now rather than being included in my mortgage I have to save the utility payment on the side.  All because these people in city hall cannot manage their money.

“It seems to me that the city is almost gouging it’s residents now”

LOL, one of the great understatements of our times… :unamused:

Its guys like you where the city makes its moiney.  See when I try and declutter my sanford and son junk heap I coincide it with Free Tipping days which is usually early spring.  The only time I have done a 24 dollar load is when I brought roofing material out there.  You must ahad ALLOT of shit.
The city needs to gauge the residents to pay for the things we all want.  I dont mind.  Get an annual parking pass…pass it on to your customers…drive to pt ed and see how that fairs ya over the course of a year.
Hey acronym for boat is Bring Out Another Thousand …
City hall HAS to run its self like a business…simple…or else there will be large dicrepancies.

Uh, er, exactly what kind of business loses track of five million dollars and then just goes about its business as though it isn’t really that big a deal…

Well Enron maybe, but we all know how that turned out… 

A note on the bright side - the Loonie swims are back at the pool.  Every 2nd Saturday 3:30 - 5:30.  The next one is on Oct. 20. A buck gets you in or a Twonie for a family.

Podunko…From what I understand they caught it pretty quick.  Accounting errors happen.  What do you suggest?..have the entire council fall beacause of it?  Spare me…the theatrics.
It would be a big deal if no one found the mistake and the money was all spent!!! someone somewhere would of found it before it was all spent.
I know there is accountants on here…maybe come out of the woodwork and give a professional opine as opposed to the usual HTMF all star arm chair quarterback team.

Not an accountant (tho my brother is) but my husband is used to making up civic budgets and when he heard this story, he shook his head in dismay since anytime you have a dollar figure that is that much different from the figure in the same column the year before, you should be looking for a good reason for it right away and not just relying on your mad book-keeping skillz. The fact it got so far into the works as to become a matter of public record is the sad part of the story…

I agree, I look at my income statements and question anything that doesn’t look right. Any number some times its only a couple thousand, I’ll question it. Usually its right but I have caught entry errors before. I then let the accountant know and its fixed on the final income statement before it goes to my board and shareholders.

For any of you who are interested, check out as he has copies of the 2006 actual and 2007 provisional budget for the utilities, which where the city said that they went wrong.  It is quite clear that the 5 million dollars doesn’t stand out in the provisional budget - so where is it???  I have done budgets for years, and can honestly tell you that this kind of mistake should never have happened.  We all make mistakes, but never in the tune of5 million…

I run my household like a business as well.  It’s getting harder to be “profitable” as a household when the cost of living in this community is going through the roof.

I think it is a very reasonable cost of living compared to other places in the province.

Is it just me?  I can’t find anything at all on that site. 

My bills as a single person in Kelowna no kids, pets etc living in a 1 bedroom place are about 1.5-2k/month not including food.  The majority of that is the 800/month in rent. Hopefully that puts things in perspective for all you whiners.

Note: Those are bills for necessities not frivolous spending.

You mcsash, have been voted captain of the team!

Here are the tax rates for BC Municpalities for 2007.  Although Prince Rupert is not the highest it is way up at the top of the heap.  Especially Light Industry and Business.  On top of these extremely high taxes we are paying more and more user fees. 

I understand that the city is in recovery mode from the loss of the Pulp Mill but so are the residents.  I’ve been trying to recover as have many other residents.  Its hard when more and more of the pie is going somewhere else. … 2_2007.xls … es2007.htm

I dunno what to say there chief…thanks very much…or …I hate sarcasm…

Yes taxes maybe high…but housing is fairly affordable.

Housing may be affordable compared to many of the bigger centers and highly sought after areas but it is still expensive to own a home here.  Many homeowners pay upwards of $400-$500/ month for property taxes.  Add that to a $200,000-$300, 000 mortgage, an $800 annual utility bill and we have a high cost of living.