Charge them! Typical City Hall

Housing is rapidly becoming more expensive here.  I predict that housing prices may spike a bit more once containers start to move and the port is fully operational.

MCSASH…quit being an appologist for financial impotance. Cost of living in Prince Rupert is very expensive. True, it’s not as pricey as Vancouver or Kelowna, but you have plenty o’ services and amenities in those cities. And let’s not forget sunshine. Housing here has become a complete rip off. Most of the houses are 100k over priced for what you get. Almost every home 4 sale in town needs 50k + of renos to bring it up to 1980s standards.

To state the obvious:

Most realtors in this town are shameless crooks


Have you noticed all the reno’d homes in town are very similar? HMMM…Philpott or TYEE?

Thanks BoneCracker…

After reading here on HTMF about City Council’s intent to up our recreation, water and sewer fees at the dog and cat show on the 26th of November. I took a look at the stats and sorted them for my own interest.  Basically, it substantiates that Prince Rupert is at the head of the pack when it comes to paying high taxes and fees.

                                   Prince Rupert’s Ranking
Residential Taxes         4th
Utility Fees                2nd
Major Industry Taxes   40th
Light Industry Taxes   13th
Business Taxes            2nd
The spreadsheet showing the rates for the 156 incorporated municipalities in BC is attached along with the proposed fee change bylaw and supporting staff rationales for the increases. Note this represents an increase from the last increase in 2006 when utilities were split off from the tax bill and allows for further increases for 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately there is no comparable listing of rec fees by municpality.

In short not exactly the type of taxation scheme that attracts business or individuals to invest in Prince Rupert.  The failure of local government and bureaucrats over the years to come to grips with balancing spending with revenues is to blame for the situation we are in. Unfortunately, the present council appears to be following in their predecessors’ ostrich type behaviors and are continuing to spend, spend, spend based on unrealistic revenue expectations and the expectation that taxpayers have bottomless pockets.

To be fair to Mr. Thompson of the city, he is in charge of maintaining an infrastructure that has been neglected likely since it was built and he is clear in his warnings that we can expect more Fulton Street circuses in the near future and with increasing frequency. He has provided estimates of  $93.6 million to bring our roads, sewer, water and solid waste infrastructure up to “Reasonableâ€