Chances Past Deadline Opening

The bingo hall has closed, the city works promised July '07 for Chances Casino and it might not open during winter '07. it might go into early spring '08 or late winter '07.

What I heard was sometime in November??
I think there is some hold up on the liquor license and there were some construction delays.
Anyway I could care less about it, it’s busy days in the winter will be welfare wednesday. 
How do others feel.?
I wish it was not opening period…  Just something else to hook folks in and take their cash…


Like it or not the opening of that place is close at hand. My wife even saw a lot of the kitchen staff standing around in their whites outside taking a break one day. It certainly won’t be spring or winter of 2008. The convention center part of it is already booked for most of the long weekends over the summer next year.

Rupert’s past the deadline…flatlined years ago!!!

I have a friend training there .He told me the 12th of October

i agree with eyeonrupert, i wish it was never opening because i am one of the ones that will need to go in and put my name on the list to keep me out. I do not want to gamble and I wish it never was built. to bad those kids that started the fire didnt get to finish it.

Best wishes with your fight with gambling addiction.

yeah exactly while youth arson is a terrible thing in this case…
City Council’s greed is the main reason it was built…
However, they will make a few $$$, but the larger cost to the vunerable population will be very costly.  Too bad council (except Joy) cannot relate to the poor who will get caught in this trap…  

Something in Rupert not opening on time… are you really surprised?

It won’t be long before it opens though… I’d guess within the next month.

Maybe they’re waiting for their digital cable service to be installed… :smiley:

Timely in Rupert means within 10 years from date of expected opening…
Look at the Mall out the highway… stall stall stall… 
with this one (chances) I wish as I said that it never opens…
October 12th, surprised they never waited until Welfare Day 

Well that mall project only recently announced a time line so it’s hardly stalled. I’m not a big fan of the casino, but the convention center aspect of it is something Rupert sure needs.

The orginal plan was to start construction at some point this year for the mall,
but there is at least a tentative time line.
Yes I do agree that the convention space is something we did need, the spaces that hotels provide are getting old, outdated and tired. This convention space will be something fresh.
Too bad a casino has to be apart of it all though. 

There is no doubt that there are many social issues surrounding the opening of the casino but as a young person in Prince Rupert I can say that I look forward to the opportunity to have an alternative entertainment option… not that I go out all that often as it is… I digress… the point is that Prince Rupert has always had a problem with retaining its youth population… let me restate that… Prince Rupert has always had a problem retaining the youth population that actually contributes to the community in a positive way (and yes, there are some of us out there)… one of the things that draws kids away from Rupert is the glitz and glamour of big city life. One of the ways to keep them here is to offer the illusion of big city life (once in a while) while giving them the comfort and practicality of small city living (ie [relatively] affordable housing).
All research shows that Prince Rupert is an extremely high risk area for gambling addictions and I agree, that there needs to be more PREVENTATIVE measures taken to curb that risk and in fact characters like gambling addictions counselors should be in place before the doors even open, but at the same time, there are plenty of people in this community who will very much appreciate the diversification of entertainment options and will do so responsibly.

Enough already about the gaming centre (it’s not a casino!!) and the ills it will bring. The only new gambling outlet it brings is slot machines. We already had bingo and keno and sports action and scratch cards and lotteries, etc. People will gamble, just as people will drink, do drugs, smoke, eat too much junk food, not exercise . . .
The best we can do is inform people about the consequences of their bad habits. We should no more try to block things like a gaming centre than we should try and outlaw drinking, smoking, and overeating. It’s called freedom of choice.
It’s here. It’s opening soon. Deal with it.

So I heard that they have gone well beyond their budget and now are offering contractors a chance to buy in to shares, I wonder if Marcan will get into the game?

I think its funny a certain check cashing place has “Welcome back Bingo” In their window

I am not here to point fingures or anything like that but any way here goes… It seem like on here people are making this pending gambling problem below theselves some how. It is like people are putting themselves into a class of pepople in our society that is somehow above the problem of gambling.  One post here refferrs to Prince Rupert having a problem with retaining its youth, but then feels the need to restate it meaning the only youth here is somehow having a negative impact on the town, lol, and that the Gaming Cantre will miraculously turn that around…haha.
There are also statements that pepople on social assistance are the people who are going to be wasting there time and money on bingo.
The one thing we can count on is that the Gamming Centre is a reality in this town and that there are going to be consequences regarless of their real or percieved social status.

Chiefdave, if you’re “not here to point fingers or anything like that,” then get the hell out!! :imp: