Chances Past Deadline Opening

Here’s my prediction:

Chances will open on Tuesday (9 Oct) or Wednesday (10 Oct) of next week.

thanks hitest

Two businesses that go together. Like TacoBell and PeptoBismol…

I’d rather know the odds! :unamused:

I’ll put my money on Red 12.

Always bet on black.

Ok, I’m changing my vote.  After analyzing the odds, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

They’ll probably have a “soft opening” on Thursday October 11.  After that, they’ll probably have a VIP-invite only opening the next day.  The rest of us can go to the grand opening on Saturday the 13th.

Those are just guesses anyway.  Anybody want to lay down a bet? 

10th - contractors
11th - city representatives
12th - public

10th-contractors and suppliers
11th-city representatives and assorted hangers on
12th-outstanding creditors (the slots may be their only chance for payment on time)
13th-banking and cheque cashing industry representatives
14th-members of rcmp and first responders (they’ll want to get the lay of the land)
15th-the great unwashed lambs for the fleecing :wink:

I am sorry , i meant late winter 07! I m soo sorry

Yea, I saw that.

LOL @ Welcome Back Bingo Sign at Cash Store…
Since BINGO Players and other gamers will be doing the instant loan thing it seems
approiate they would be welcoming back bingo, although I know the sign is a promotion of their’s. 

the bingo in the window is for the (you could win some bucks) that they do a few times a year and has NOTHING!!! to do with chances. :unamused:

Killjoy, the optics of it all was too rich to ignore, truth is but an inconvenience to a good story… :imp: