Cell tower

They’re working on the cell tower across from the Butze trail.  Is it the Rogers tower?


Nice picture! That’s where Rogers is supposed to be building so would think that is what it is.

Hmm, wonder how annoying it would be if you suddenly had to go to bathroom while working there though…  :smiley:

ha ha!  Nice thought!  Maybe they wear depends like the crazy slot machine enthusiasts.

Most days being rainy, nobody would see the difference for #1!

I don’t even want to contemplate the alternatives for the other numeral…

Oh my, apologies to futuregirl, we seem to be driving her topic into the toilet humour category… :imp:

Does Rogers cell phones work here now ?????

Looks like Rogers is on in Rupert this morning…  Fido is working, anyway, as is the 7-11 Speakout service.  I don’t actually have a Rogers SIM to try :wink:

It looks like it’s just the in-town cell that’s on, perhaps for testing.  Anybody know where the Rogers in-town antenna is?  The Highliner? 

The one they’re building on the highway isn’t on yet (no service right next to it).

Sending texts from Rogers (well, Fido & 7-11) to Citywest works just fine.  It came up right away.  Same in the other direction. 

So glad to know that Rupert is coming out of the dark ages!

What took you guys so long anyway?  :imp:

All right!  Awesome.  We have competition here in town. :smiley:

The tower out by Butze isn’t active yet – they’re still running a line, it seems. 

But the signal is very strong near Tim Horton’s (which makes me assume there’s a cell on the highliner or elsewhere nearby).  It’s also strong down by the port.

Does anybody know if the cell tower right at the container port belongs to Citywest or Rogers?

I’m sure Rogers isn’t officially going to be live until they have that other tower finished up.  This is probably just a testing phase.  All the same, I’ve been able to send and receive calls on both GSM phones all day, as well as texts to people outside the province and outside the country. 

So I rigged it up to send me an text every time someone posted something new on HTMF.

That got old really fast.

Hey    Are you still getting texted  lol

my rogers phone showed service this morning. im hoping to get reprieve for january and february’s bills from them because i expected to have service in rupert for the time i was living here. 

[quote=“MiG”]It looks like it’s just the in-town cell that’s on, perhaps for testing.  Anybody know where the Rogers in-town antenna is?  The Highliner? 

Yup, they got one on the highliner. Completely self-contained little unit as I understand–a box with all the RF equip and an HVAC system in one so they can just plug it in and go.

Can you buy one of those on e-bay?  I’m surprised nobody’s done that before in Rupert.  If only to catch all the tourists with GSM phones and charge them outrageous roaming rates :wink:  Another missed opportunity for Citywest :wink:

Looks like the tower on the highway is a lot of work to put up.

How about the tower at the port, who owns that one?

you probably could.

It is Rogers tower.

You don’t mean the one on Park Ave across from Pilsbury Ave?

No, the one right at the port.  I have a photo around here somewhere…