Cell tower

Here it is…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Hey Mig  yes thats the Rogers tower asked my buddy that works there

Hey guys,

Just wondering if the Rogers is fully up and running up there… if so i’m totally screwed and have to work while i’m on vacation

Welcome to HTMF! :sunglasses:
Phones went on sale on the 12th.  Rogers is operational.

so i actually got over a hundred dollars reprieve on my bill for january and february from rogers.

maybe the rep i talked to was getting fired and didnt give a shit or something? ive never ever been hooked up like that before by a company hahaha

is there cell service right to Terrace yet with Rogers?  Prince George?  If not, is there an expected time for that service?  For shittywest? :neutral_face: If anyone knows…

Anyone know if CityWest is going to offer “pay as you go” phones?

From the Snoozle March 13

Rogers moves into the region
Phone service provider wants to enhance city’s ‘connection to the to the worldâ€

If you want a PAYG phone on the CDMA network, you can use Bell or PC Mobile or Virgin.  They should all work in Rupert.  Dunno if they will give you a Rupert number, though.

If you want GSM instead, you can use PetroCan or 7-11 or Rogers or Fido, they all have PAYG phones. 

If the rumours are true, you may see Telus switching to GSM in the near future as well.