Cell phone help!

I am on rogers and want the new i phone 3 gs  but they wont give it out with out a new 3 year contract!

I was on ebay and they have other brands that can be jailed broke to workon rogers.

Question would the phone service work just the same as the  rogers one!

yes, it would work the same, only reason for a unlocked one is so you can use it on rogers, Ie buying one from the states, it has to be unlocked.! Why not look on ebay.ca and look for a rogers 3gs iphone, they are pricey tho.!

You can get one without a contract from Rogers.  But without a contract, it’s not subsidized.

what phone would you chose iphone 3 gs or the blackberry 9631

I just put my iphone 3g ( brand new ) on ebay, im switching back to blackberry 8900 :smile:

So you did not like the 3 g s? how come? i was also looking at two blackberrys the  bold 9000 and the new tour 9630 this would have to be jail broken as rogers dont sell this model.

I never had a smart phone before and like the look of the new 3gs compass maps music downloads ect. Is the touch screen work good on texts?

Any comment"s would be great thanks for your time.

I have the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.  I love both.  I can’t use a blackberry, because I’m addicted to the way the iPhone recognizes my typing.   Using a blackberry just seems so counter-intuitive to me – like it was designed to be used by engineers or something.

The number of apps available for the iPhone is overwhelming.  Plus you get a much better web browser, an iPod, etc.  All of which suck on the Blackberry.

Oh, and you can definitely get an iPhone 3G or 3GS from Rogers without a contract, but you have to pay full price. 

Is it easy  and fast to do texts on?

Yes. The iPhone learns how you type, so that even if you mess up, it corrects you. Half my posts on HTMF are written on an iPhone.   Including this one.

My two year old son often sends me texts on the iPhone. It’s all giberish, but he can figure it out. 

you on rogers? how much to you pay a month?

One of the phones is on Rogers, the other is on 7-11 Speakout.

I do the Canada-wide MY5+5 thing, so it’s a bit different – I have a bunch of numbers in Newfoundland that are free to call.  I pay $80/month, and that includes 6 gigs of data and tethering, etc.

Rogers has a deal for $60/month or so.  Which is probably what I would have if it wasn’t for the Newfoundland numbers.

On Speakout, it’s between $7-$10 / month.

Can you get long distance plans for this as well?

Yeah, I think so.  Like I said, I just do the Canada-wide favourites plan.  So now all those calls are free.  The savings from that alone is more than the monthly bill.  But I think you need to do a LOT of long distance to get to that point.

Have you played with an iPhone?  Want to try one?

Hey, something else you might want to consider is where you live – Rogers has pretty good coverage in most of Rupert, but I know there are a few spots where it’s crappy.  Have someone with a Rogers or Speakout phone try out their phone in your house. 

I am on rogers right now! my last bill was 429 lots of long distance.

fido in the states has 2000 minutes and unlimited texts for 40 month rogers has nothing even close to that they sure are making a lot off us!

Fido is in the US?  I thought Fido was owned by Rogers?

Are your long distance calls to the same people all the time?  In Canada?

If so, sign up for the MY5 Canada-wide thing and they will all be free.  It’s $35.00/month, and includes 250 minutes on top of your favourites too.  Like I said, getting that plan saved me a bunch of money!

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Iphones are ok, i love mine, but im bored of it now, and 120$ month for the package is just CRAP! im going to backberry for 60$ month with unlimited data text and other stuff with 700min. Ive been with rogers for about 10 years now, good company.

Fido is rogers :smile:

I have the Iphone 3G, Forsale too, very new 16gig white, has dock 2 usb cables 2 cases.


You’re paying way too much if you’re paying $120/month.


I know :smile:

rogers is a rip off with the iphone package at 120 blackberry is only 60. there is a newer blackberry world 9631 might check that one out  or switch to bell or telus!