Cell phone help!

You can get an iPhone package for $60 as well.  A friend in Terrace just picked it up.

Edit:  A friend in Rupert just ordered an iPhone 3GS, and his package is $45/month, and includes 500MB/month in data.

I pay $80, but it includes the MY5 stuff as well as the tethering stuff.

Minesmoria, if you do a lot of long distance, you really should do the Canada-wide MY5 thing, which is $35/month, then add an iPhone pack to that (with texts, data, etc).  Should be cheap.

I see bell is here also! I looked at there plans and wow i can get 700 minutes with long distance for 55 rogers i have now is only 500 minutes and is 85!

The bell site also said they have 3 g network in rupert and rogers doe’s not is this true?

Citywest is Bell.  :roll:

…and judging by the speeds I get…NOT 3G!!  :imp: