Cats being killed

I have a problem with someone or people killing cats around town mostly by poison . Many of these cats seem to be domestic cats which like to wander with some of the strays . There has been someone feeding these cats poison with their food . There have been preg. cats among these as well. One must remember that we have a rat and mouse issue in this town and these strays are usually mousers . I believe these people doing it are lower than the rat and mouse population , they are sick puppies .

Yep.  Agreed.

Perhaps said issue is the Mice/Rats rolling in poison then running up to cats Jihad style…

Rat suicide bombers here in PR? :astonished:
In all seriousness though I hope they catch the sick individual who is harming cats.

… I think what frightens me most about these sociopaths is the fact that they’re allowed to vote; have some semblance of ‘control’ over things.  O.o

You could be jumping to conclusions if you assume that someone is deliberately poisoning these cats.  It could be a simple case of cats eating poisoned rats, or something.  Drinking up some accidently spilled anti-freeze.  Who knows. 

We could absolutely be jumping to conclusions regarding the fate of these poor cats but the ones in question were found by McClymont Park by the creek, near the steps off of Sherbrooke, 3 of them within a 1 foot radius of one another. No signs of disease or trauma. It was reported to me yesterday by a neighbor and I have to thank her for her kindness in regards to this as though she phoned the S.P.C.A, she did not leave a message and her and her husband buried them out at the Secret Gardens. Though I am concerned about the strays, my neighbors and I cared for them throughout the winter, I am equally concerned for the indoor/outdoor cats. Until we have some idea as to what is happening if anything, please be more aware, keep an eye on your pets and keep the S.P.C.A. and the wildlife shelter posted as to any info you may acquire.  Thank you everyone and let’s hope it is an isolated incident as it is heartbreaking to think otherwise.

We could absolutely be jumping to conclusions regarding the fate of these poor cats but the ones in question were found by McClymont Park by the creek, near the steps off of Sherbrooke, 3 of them within a 1 foot radius of one another. No signs of disease or trauma. It was reported to me yesterday by a neighbor and I have to thank her for her kindness in regards to this as though she phoned the S.P.C.A, she did not leave a message and her and her husband buried them out at the Secret Gardens.[/quote]

Noooo!! Not the Secret Garden! Nooo!! Doesn’t she know that they’ll come back - as the living dead! Nooo!!!

Ironically I’m staying at the Secret Garden hostal in Quito right now.  Dun dun dunnnnnnn. 

Not to be ignorant of someones pet or the pain it may suffer in its death but are not the rats that are being poisoned or trapped in the same situation as the cats are. Do they not feel as well. If animals suffering is the issue lets look at all animals not just the ones that are domesticated. just a thought.

I don’t wanna add to the conspiracy theory but I had a cat that in late december just up and died. He was fine when he came in at 3 PM’ish, I left for work again at 3:15 PM’ish, by 5:15 PM’ish, he was dead on my bed at home. He was fine, affectionate and playful when he came inside.

Then bam, dead. It was the two hours inbetween that nobody knows what happened.

I did some “quick” research the next day and his posture after he dead was very consistent with Arsenic poisoning. Arched back. Little to no foam of the mouth.

I can tell you this, if we can find the people responsible for poisoning our animals (if that’s the case) rest assured, it won’t be “Pretty in Podunk.”


Well this is strange…
   I happen to live on the 100 block of 9th East and I dont know if you guys remember my search for my missing cat that turned up dead but I immediately suspected my neighbour cause hes apparently “jokingly” said he was gonna feed antifreeze to the wild cats living under his house, But the vet said my cat the main vessel to his heart busted and he bled out. What I find strange is this neighbour has been oddly quiet and kind of hidden lately I almost have a feeling hes up to something.

and YES, the whole block has reported him to the cops and all they do is ‘chat’ with him if that at all.

I live on 7th West. We’re pretty close. Let’s get a lynch mob goin’  :smile:

  You are absolutely right CIA…It is a case of animal rights, all animals…It is just that this present issue has hit close to home as my neighbors and I had become attached to these little guys all winter, feeding them and trying to keep an eye on their wellbeing. When you look out during a cold, winter blustery day and see them curled up in a corner trying to keep warm and dry, it breaks your heart.  Everyone in my neighborhood that I have advised on this is keeping their eyes and ears open and as I volunteer for the S.P.C.A., we roamed the area with their van on the weekend just to make anyone who has crazy ideas out there, aware that we are not taking this lightly. There has also been word of someone trapping cats and letting them loose in Port Ed. Again, if you see anything, please contact S.P.C.A. or the Wildlife shelter regarding any and all animal treatment.That includes any traps that you may see out there most likely hidden in the bushes under the trees, please call and thank you for your help.

I heard that a female person (not well-liked in the Rupert community) was questioned by RCMP a couple of weeks ago regarding the dead cats found around her neighborhood up on Overlook.  That incident did weigh in on the anti-freeze suspicions as being the causes of those cats demises. I have been away on holidays and haven’t had any further info on the matter as I am still working off my jet lag.  I’m willing to wager dimes to donuts she gets busted again.

here, ill say it, i got no problem with people trapping cats and dumping them out the highway.  i could give a shit if you got an inside cat, doing its inside cat shit in the inside of your house.  if you want to breathe in the same air that has floated around a cat turd sitting in a pile of sand in a box in your house, well, more power to you.

when you let your cat out in the neighbourhood to do its thing, wander around, scratch up the paint on my car walking over it, shit in my gardens which i then plant with my bare hands and have to deal with cat shit in my garden… well then it becomes a matter of really how much of the world do you want your cat to see? because im going to give it a tour of the mainland, starting in sunny port ed.  fuck it. people dont let their dogs run around the neighbourhood, i dont see how cats are any different.  leash it or you better hope you got a homing-kitty.

see im friends with the cats in my new neighbourhood, we were chill, i give him scritchies, he does the leg slink thing… first time i caught him in the garden shitting where i got my herbs and spices that are going on my plate, shitting, he got some nice scritchies, and then i hosed the mf’er down. 

aint come back for scritchies or to shit in my garden since. 

not a cat person (can anyone tell??)

Animals that are furry, warm-blooded and mammalian have more rights than all other animals.

That’s the way she goes, Ricky, that’s the way of the road.

Well, molten universe, I have to ask, do you or any of your friends happen to smoke in your environment by any chance or do you ever visit a smokers  " rez"?  Real healthy air there, I must say…Everyone sitting around coughing and polluting other peoples spaces and we are “thinking” animals, at least some of us…And since when do you never see dogs on the loose? On my list of “worry priorities”, I’m sorry, but let’s weigh in on this one, cat shit on my posies, breathing in some other shitheads second hand smoke :unamused: or concerning myself with that non-existent , non-roaming dog that may frighten or even bite my child, your child or even you or I. Then that is just me! I do not agree with domesticated cats roaming either, my cat is fat and spoiled and lives in my house where she should be and since I don’t smoke, well then, I guess I am polluting my area with cat shit!  I knew when this topic was posted we might get a few real “compassionate” folks and I had been pleasantly surprised til now…Get a grip and have fun in your garden…Just remember , birds shit too!

nah I dont roll with smokers, and I’m probably the first one to call someone on it if they try to burn something in my truck or pad. 

I’m talking about chronically having your pet out (aka outside cats), obviously dogs aren’t on the leash even 50% of the time but there doesnt seem to me to be the same social stigma about letting your cat roam the neighbourhood and shit in other peoples gardens. 

Did you not miss the point about them shitting in what is basically a vegetable garden?  And yea birds shit, (actually you might be going a bit far seeing as they dont have a seperate shit and piss so we could maybe call it bird shiss) but its not nearly as objectionable or long lasting as cat shit.

the furthest your going to get in terms of compassion from me is me agreeing that poisoning our outright killing them is wrong, yeah. 

get a grip ? you’re the one thats at increased risk of toxoplasmosis, maybe you’re the one who needs to get a grip. 

seriously if I ever got suckered in by a girlfriend to have a cat I would train the mofo from a kitten to shit in the toilet. 

i dont really agree with people having big ass tough guy dogs either, seems like their compensating for not having enough ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS shit on or something…

Hey, molten universe…Toxoplasmosis?  For starters, my cat doesn’t like to share her sand box  and the chances of an indoor cat  coming in contact with an infected bird or rodent are slim to nil so I dare to say that I am relatively safe… As for the 50% of dogs roaming, I agree there is not the same social stigma attached to that but I’d be concerned if my kid was up to his elbows in the latest pile of dog shit left by some lazy ass owner who tries to hide the fact his/her dog just crapped on your lawn…Keep walking, they just keep walkin’! As for getting a grip, we are all at potential risk for “toxo”…FYI: unwashed veggies, uncooked meat and be wary of that manure you may spread on your garden.  As for the big ass dogs, well, I have an issue with the short-assed ones who never stop their constant yapping and have to sit on your lap in your friends car when they have just been out in the rain…Dammit anyway!  But I get your point…