Carnival prices

:confused: Am wondering why the cost difference for the Carnival from Terrace prices to Rupert.  Last weekend in Terrace wrist bands were $30 or $28 if you brought in a 2 can donation for the Food Bank, in PR this weekend they are $35.  The coupon tickets were $12 for 6 rides here they are $13.  Are they charging more for the sunshine !!!

I guess they have to factor in rainy days when attendance is low … another down side to living in the ‘City of Rainbows’

could be the swim club helping set the prices as they are the ones who bring them in to raise money

the prices are the same as terrace. i took my kids and the wrist band was 35. and sunday u bring 2 can foods it was 28.

My Mistake…eyes were seeing things that weren’t there.  Tho I think we should have had the donations for the food bank.  Unless we don’t need them ?????? :smiley:

hrm… wrist bands were 20.00 in my carnival riding days like 12-15 years ago. They seem to be the one thing that hasnt really gone up in price.

there is food bank donations if you read the whole post or the whole ad  :unamused:

[quote=“Gracies Mom”]
My Mistake…eyes were seeing things that weren’t there.  Tho I think we should have had the donations for the food bank.  Unless we don’t need them ?????? :smiley:

My girlfriend and I use the food bank at least every odd month and when someone speaks of the food bank they should know what they are talking about, many get can goods from the Foodbank go to the carnival with there cans which end up back at food bank. The managers or captains should see how that food program is being abused and how hard Wendy an staff have to work. People with there suvs,cells an borrowed kids or adults. The money being wasted thru crooks an abusers. That is why my lady and I do not go in every month. See you at the carnival.[/quote]

how safe do you think the rides are in general? A friend of mine was on the orbiter tonite and the safety bar came off in mid ride!! Talk about scary, makes me wonder about the rest of the rides. I won’t take my kids, it’s toooooooo expensive!

I can spot you some can goods…lol :unamused:


waaaa  i hear the mini doughnuts are like 5 bucks a bag now and grosser than usual
lol the only thing i ever liked about the carnaval ha ha ha wont waste my money there so gives a hoot if its expensive … dont go there ha ha ha

They are now $35.00, I think that is the same price as last year.

    it’s called isolation prices  :astonished:

I had all my can goods at the door but My Lady would not , did not want to go and I do not wish to eat more canned beans.

Has anyone heard of a person at the Carnival had their face slashed. Everytime these skid balls come to town their is always trouble.

Didn’t hear about that this weekend, I think it was better than last year for trouble…

LOL I doubt it has much to do with the carnival folk, and more to do with the people in this town. We’ve always been a rowdy bunch.

My wife plays floor hockey and she said it was a gauntlet trying to get to the back doors. Something about “i got some balls you can play with and such”. She said they said it to every girl that walked by,Classy.

Don’t know about this incident but two carnival workers (still wearing WCC shirts) damaged one truck and stole another from Adventure Paving, found the truck in Burns lake.  You think if you are going to do something illegal, you might just want to take off your work clothes for the cameras.  Class act.