Carnival fight

I heard there was a fight last night at the carnival with bats and hockey sticks.  The Mounties shut the place down.

Anybody know anything?

u surprised ?

There was a fight at the Belmont Thursday too, between carnies and locals. Maybe Friday was round two?

I saw a couple of guys today with casts on their arms, and one of them had a fresh cut with stitches across his face…  One can only guess what it was from.

I had heard that there was going to be some revenge sought for whatever happened at the Belmont on Thursday night. 


I remember when that was considered sport.

Those were the days…

This is nothing new - I remember as a child when they had the carnival set up at Roosevelt Park Field (late 70s and early 80s) seeing a guy head up there with a 2-by-4, and he wasn’t building something.

The guy you seen with a cut face and the other with a cast are from a fight in Hartley Bay.  They were sent up for medical attention. 

Two guys had casts, and one had a cut on his face.

i heard today that 2 of the carnies went to hospitol yesterday with the swine flu!? is it true? thats scary. 

  Man, they don’t call this town “Prince Rumours” for nothing do they ?  The carnie is in town as it is every year and every year there are fights associated with the employees.  They like to drink and party hardy, they are known for that and another poster who seemed to be in the know has already stated that they were here from Hartley Bay for med. attention.  As for the swine flu, of course someone is going to throw that into the mix, it is the scare tactic of the day.  Someone has the sniffles and we have some knee jerk reaction, it is ridiculous !!  The carny will leave tomorrow having made its quota, I would imagine, hopefully our kids would have had a great time and then Monday, we can only imagine what rumours that will bring and so it goes  :unamused:

At least one carnival employee was hospitalized last night–he took the back of a hammer (the part that removes the nail) to his face… apparently it only just missed his eye.

Sounds like it was a barn burner. There was a reason for me to go to the carnival this year after all.

One of the fights is on utube if.  Prince Rupert Guys vs Carnival Guys Fight 2009

Well that will be helpful for the police reports… :unamused:

Man oh man. Such stupidity.

Give us a link.

Heh heh heh… classic Rupert, classic.