Carnival fight

Recognized some faces,

Did the cops show their faces ? I thought they had a cruiser down there through the weekend… :neutral_face:

I went to CHSS with the local fellas

Never ceases to amaze me. Especially the select few notable faces that are notorious for being involved in anything that resembles trouble in our town.

Agreed.  Idiots.

i was down there for a total of 15 hours with my kids thru the weekend didnt see the cops. left at 10pm both nights.naybe trouble started after that

I Just watched the video, wow did that ever look deadly. It looked like a school dance but nobody wanted to lead.

What the hell was that all about anyways? Just fighting for the sake of fighting? And people wonder why I don’t go out. :unamused:

That video was kind of boring.

Those boys go out at bar crowd with batons and beat up drunk people. Im sure they were just beating the carnies to be ‘tough’. I went to school with a bunch of those people, hell used to be some of my best friends! Funny how people change!?

So who has changed, you or them?