Caption contest

“and after, we’ll have pizza pockets and tang”

“snoochie boochies”

That’s some brown-ass weed Billy is rolling. Dylan looks pretty stoked tho.

" This is a sample of my new hair dye. Does it look natural?"

Speeding and…
Speeding and…
Speeding and…

Smokin’ the reefer.

“Wow Mr. Belsey Your quite the high roller”

“Pass that shit over here, Dylan. I’ll show you how MLA’s roll J’s.”

This is how Martha Stewart showed me how to roll.

“Lets see Gary Coons do THIS in public!”

Heh, I can’t get over how it looks like a decroded peice of crap he’s rolling.

Bill Belsey: your new candidate for the Marijuana Party!

I need to get a LIFE!

Is that Mr. Bill that red hair weed was the best once?

You know class when I was a clown, I used to do something like this and make little animals

I don’t… understand…

“Dude, your mom is hot!”

Who knows how to spell ZIGZAG

its being red-shifted by the reflection off bills hair.

“There’s my wife and me outside our Mexican hotel room on our honeymoon and… woops, that photo wasn’t supposed to be in here”
“Mr. Johnson, the guy in the thong in that photo looks an awful lot like you”

EDIT: Corrected Grammar.

“Now, boys, this is what MLA’s do best…”