According to CFTK news a decison by Canpotex to build a new terminal on Ridley Island, or expand its North Vancouver operation will be announced before the end of 2009.
Sure would be a nice way to start 2010 if they choose Ridley!


they will i have a feeling

uh oh is it gassy?

            oooohhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling…what a rush… :sunglasses:

anyone know how to add a poll?

Maybe 3 options for the upcoming annoncement before year end.

  1. Canpotex chooses Ridley
  2. Canpotex chooses North Vancouver
  3. Canpotex delays decision on expanding

Poll added.

Thank You former owner guy.

prince Rupert pot hashville

It will proceed as far as the Sulphur exporting facility went.
There will be lots of sad faces.
It might get announced enough for a mini real estate boom again like the opening of the container pushed property values.  ALL false.

I bought my house in '98…there was 700 people employed at the mill at that time.
Today its worth 100 K more than '98.??????

Go figure…

EEK! Not many days left in 2009 if a decision is indeed gonna be announced before the end of the 2009 calender year.

For what it’s worth there seems to be recent postings at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency regarding the required environmental reviews for this project. … OC=Y 

As far as I can make out the only difference from the various postings between June 4th, December 18th and December 22 is that on June 4th it was calling for a screening then Dec 22 it was a comprehensive study then on the 22nd it was back to a screening.

Anyone’s guess as to why the recent activity at the CEAA?

This is kind of interesting that BPC has offered potash to China @ $350 a metric ton delivered. … OwKMEamE94

Wouldn’t Canpotex be better off choosing PR to save on freight costs to offer the same type of deal?

While Canpotex representatives told residents of Prince Rupert that a decision on the proposed potash export facility on Ridley Island would come by the end of the year during a packed open house at the Lester Centre of the Arts in September, that is no longer the case.

According to a statement from the company there will be no announcement released today regarding whether Canpotex will construct an export facility in Prince Rupert or expand the existing facility in Vancouver, and there is no definitive date by which the company hopes to make their intentions known.

However, the company says internal discussions about the situation are ongoing.

Another never ending saga?

YEP…bingo is right!

Does this mean I win any jackpot from the pool at the top of the page?

You sir win 1/11 of the total prize pool.
Guess we can start a new pool, When will Canpotex make an announcement on terminal expansion. With Ruperts history, I would wager on much longer than anyone would suspect.

Shares in several major North American potash producers jumped on Tuesday after Credit Suisse upgraded its rating on Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. shares to “outperform.”

Credit Suisse said China’s recent deal to buy potash at $350 per tonne should benefit Saskatoon-based PotashCorp and other producers of the soil nutrient in the long term. It also upgraded Intrepid Potash Inc. to “neutral” from “underperform.”

Last month, Belarussian Potash Company, or BPC, a major potash exporter based in Minsk, agreed to sell more than one million tonnes of potash to China at $350 a tonne in a deal that was widely expected to help restore demand for the fertilizer worldwide.

“We expect improved pricing visibility, favourable farmer economics and the now-attractive price of potash relative to corn should drive solid demand recovery,” the brokerage said in a note to clients.

Credit Suisse also said the Chinese contract settlement provided a long-awaited price floor that should improve fundamentals in the sector.

Shares of PotashCorp, the world’s biggest producer of the fertilizer nutrient, were up 5.41 per cent to $123 on the Toronto Stock Exchange and up 5.52 per cent to $118.39 US in New York.

The surge in share prices is due to the Credit Suisse upgrade of PotashCorp to “outperform” from “neutral” and general bullishness about fundamentals, said Edlain Rodriguez, an analyst at New York-based Broadpoint Gleacher Inc.

Well I would say it will not be till January 25th. afternoon or 26th. morning. That is my guess at this time.

Are you related to Ajaye by any chance