Canpotex: Notice of Public Meeting

This is an important community announcement!  Pass on to all of your friends. It is crucial that the community show strong support for Canpotex coming to Prince Rupert… this is the crux of future port development and Canpotex does have other venues they can pursue.  Please come to the meeting to show your support!  I also have an attachment that I’ll email to MiG so that he can post it.

If you would like to learn more about Canpotex’s proposed potash export terminal, and express your support or suggestions, please join us at our upcoming public information session.  Your input is important to us.

Tuesday, September 22
Doors open at 5:45pm Presentation at 6:30pm
Discussion at 7:10pm
Lester Centre of the Arts

If you have questions about this event, or if you need to arrange child care to attend this event, please call our public information line at 1-888-347-9179

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Here is the PDF from the email I received.

Here is more information about the meeting

Here’s the poster, for those who don’t know about attachments.

everyone go!! very important in getting jobs here show your support!!

Yep, these guys do have other choices.  It would probably be way less trouble for them to just set up in Vancouver.  It would be nice for these developers to see that we do want their business.

Yes, it’s my understanding that this company wants to see a full house at the Lester Center meeting or else they will conclude that this town doesn’t support them.  And if Canpotex doesn’t come here the second phase of the container port will NOT happen.

TO go or not to go. I don’t like how they plan to wreck all the nice beaches and stuff in leiu of buisness, but I also want to see jobs here…

I love rupert, but I love it for the scenery, and all of it is going to be gone soon.  :cry: Or at least that’s what I’m afraid of.

Maybe you could ask them about that at the meeting.

I have always been under the impression that large corporations base their business decisions on economic factors, not on whether the local population likes or wants them in their community.
Even if we have a brass band, and all the Rupert Ambassadors lined  up it won’t matter a bit if the project is not economically sound.

Part of the cost of setting it up would be things like environmental assessments.  Having a local population on side makes that kind of thing cheaper.

I heard some people in town talking about this project and it will help this community in the long run. I do not know much about the industry and I question what the real job situation will be but I know The Rinse needs something real soon like yesterday. Is there a big chance that it will cause damage to our well being? I guess this calls for some questions and answers, but who do we get them from we also know these suckers will and can lie through their teeth.

And this statement is based on what reliable source.

I don’t see the connection. Potash is loaded in bulk not in containers. Different facilities, different proponents, different financing, servicing different markets. 

i dont mean to be rude but im calling bullshit lol. theres no correalation between the 2 except the ilwu will be the workforce

And honestly, one of the big selling points for Rupert is that the rail line is under-utilizied, and way under capacity.  If you start filling it up, that advantage goes away.  The container port works well here because you can get on a train and move inland with very little traffic.  Start filling that rail line up with other users, and that won’t happen.

I’m sure there’s a similar argument for the capacity of the harbour.

So not only are the two not really linked, but in a small way, they run counter to each other. 

Okay, I may not have all the counter arguments for MiG and others, but I do know that there is a connection between the two and that a strong show of community support for Canpotex is needed.  You should all show up at the meeting with these questions…I’d be interested to hear the responses.

Well, mine is only a small small tiny argument, I think.  But I know that CN has promoted Prince Rupert’s container heavily, and one of the bullet points has always been that the railway line isn’t at capacity, so containers can move without being stuck in traffic.

Anyway, I do agree that a strong show of community support will be a positive thing.  Certainly will make the decision better than the complete opposite.  But it won’t be the only thing that will convince them to build here.  Take a look at Deltaport’s recent adventures with public opinion as an example.

Sure people should go to the meeting and become better informed etc, but I don’t think that it is podunkian level support that Canpotex is looking for so much - the support that really counts is funding for a $250 million project - but evidence that there will not be serious opposition.

I would think that the ongoing saga between the Port and the local bands, and the occasional court case, apparently with no resolution in sight, must put a bit of a damper on investor enthusiasm. I don’t know who represents the Port in those talks, but they don’t seem to be making much progress.