Canadian Team Roster

The roster has been announced:

Like a lot of people, I have a few questions:

Shane Doan? Kris Draper? Ryan Smith? Rick Nash?

And not playing; Spezza? Staal? Crosby? Tanguay? Horcoff?

Discuss ( I know Timbits wants to.)

And Bertuzzi?? Oh well if he can’t score he can always whack someone on the back of the head.

Rick Nash? You mean, tied for the league lead in goals last season? That Rick Nash? I agree, no talent, shouldn’t be on the team.

Isn’t he hurt?

Is Pat Quinn still the coach? That’s the first big mistake.

The last world cup of hockey was boring and Team Canada’s talent wasn’t used properly by the coach. They won out of luck. The czechs played much better.

You appear to have him confused with Marty McSorely. Bertuzzi’s role isn’t goal-scorer… he’s supposed to crash the net and create havoc. He does that.

I cant believe the nerve of the C.O.C. in saying that they are concerned over Bertuzzi being on the Olympic team.

Let me ask this…What about Dany Heatley?? He drives like an idiot and kills his buddy. Everyone feels sorry for him and can’t wait for him to get back on skates. Bertuzzi does something stupid as well but not even close to as severe as Heatley and he continously gets put through the ringer. Should Heatley and Bertuzzi play in the Olympics?? Damned right they both should. There has been more negative publicity about Bertuzzi than some convicted sex offenders and murderers being released from prison. What is wrong with people???

OK - let me pursue the Bertuzzi issue. There is a difference between the Heatley situation and the Bertuzzi situation - Heatley was off ice and not in a game whereas Bertuzzi was on ice and in a game - the Heatley situation is not related to hockey but the Bertuzzi situation certainly is related to hockey and brings the whole game into disrepute. The crap that Bertuzzi pulled does not belong in the game of hockey period full stop! And in my view was serious enough that he should not be playing the game for some time yet. How do you manage to serve a suspension when the league itself is suspended?? There should be zero tolerance for that sort of violence in the game. A fight between two players is one thing - an unprovoked attack resulting in serious injury is quite another.

So what you are saying is that a guy kills someone, a criminal act, and he should get to play over a guy who hurts someone badly. The difference that you see is that it was in the game of hockey. I disagree.

Our society is so quick to make someone like Heatley a victim. Yet Bertuzzi swallowed alot of pride with a tearful public confession, has had to deal with criminal and civil charges and is still being chastized by our society. He lost hundreds of thousnads of dollars in wages and was suspended from playing in the World Cup and in Europe during the lock-out. He has paid his price.

Bertuzzi and Heatley have both made mistakes, paid their dues and its time for everyone to move on. The only victims are Moore and Snyder.

It wasn’t unprovoked.

I’m with fingahz on this. Bertuzzi served the punishment, he apologized in a very genuine way and he is back playing with reporters hounding him but still shows patience. Leave him alone! He should play in the Olympics because he is one of our best players. I can’t wait to see him back in the same form as he was before the incident with Moore. I still maintain that the Canucks would have won the cup that year with him on the roster. Let’s hope that his participation in the Olympics proves that he is a great player. That is if Pat Quinn lets him play!

Well I’m obviously in the minority … good thing I’m actually a soccer fan - gave up hockey after the first strike, and actually gave up when expansion took off. I remember Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on CBC Radio when I was a kid. Now those were the days … just plain old good fast paced hockey, no clutch and grab, no goons who couldn’t play, no farting around with World Championships … until of course the Russians showed up and showed us how to play the game … (and now I run for cover so I won’t get lynched).

I used to like it when the Red Army came and played NHL teams over the X-mas holidays. There was a real rivalry and mystery about the Soviets. Its nice to have all of the worlds best players in the NHL but it came at the cost of losing those Red Army games.

You don’t need to run for cover on this one comrade. I agree with you. Paul Henderson’s goal isn’t the greatest goal in Canadian hockey history, it is the most important because it allowed the NHL to save face after being outplayed and resorting to hacking the other guys to death in order to win. (By the way, Ryan Smith did the same thing at the last World Championships.)
Russia and the european countries did more for hockey than most people are willing to admit, mostly due to the bad press from people like Don Cherry.
We loved to hate them but man they brought a totally different style of play that we now find amalgamated in today’s hockey.
The greatest goal in canadian hockey history is Lemieux to Gretzky, Gretzky to Lemieux, Lemieux to top shelf over Mylnikov in the 1987 Canada Cup final. This was the tournament where everyone knew how good the other countries were and winning it was a testament to the strength of the sport in Canada.

I’m definatly not against keeping Crosby off the list this time.

I mean for gods sake he’s still a rookie, and he sure as hell isn’t the next
’gretzky’ as he’s so made out to be. But it’s damn good to see Andy Moog
as the goaltending consultant. :smile:

We’ll I guess its just right for me to Post…

Im happy with the team they Picked. Doan and Draper we’re there in the past I think they add international hockey experiance to the roster. Im also thinking to myself wow theres so many great canadian players. Like Staal and Spezza… But this year with NEW rules they shine… last year exc nothing… The International hockey is like the old rules, I like the fact they give it too the Vets… I really like the choice of Bertuzzi and Thorton on the same team… man thats power… I dunno I like it and Turco! common! marty rocks! anywho, i will post more after, heading out… Peace

and i love Quinn

Yea it’s a good roster, Spezza should be there though.

nah, spezza has been playing 2 years prior to this year, and bah the new rules help him, he’s a smaller player which basically now, isn’t allowed to be touched by the defencemen… I dunno. He’s ok, but bah

When you’re 6’3 or 6’2 like Spezza, you’re not actually small. Plus he lit up the AHL last year (first player in many years to break the 100 pnt mark) where they didn’t have the stupid penalties they call in todays league.

Spezza should have replaced Lecavlier. Actually, shouldn’t Lecavlier be playing on Team Quebec. I thought they were buying all the visors in stock and putting a team in this tournament.

The thing that bothered me is the fact that were players who had absolutely no chance of not making the team based on their play this season. Playing in the previous Olympics and the World Cup put them ahead of everone else.

Brodeur, Foote, Blake, and Draper are having very sub par years, and apparently they were “no brainers”, according to the commentators.

Shanahan was left off the team. Sure he’s gonna be 37 when the Olympics roll around, but he has 38 points in 36 games, and is still one of the better pure goal scorers in the League.

I’m fairly comfortable with all the other choices other than the players I mentioned above. Would like to have seen Spezza and Staal there, but I guess they’ll have to wait until Vancouver.