Canada Day in PR

Just wondering if anyone heard what is planned for tomorrow in PR?  I heard today on the radio what is happening in Houston/Smithers, Terrace and Kitimat, and nothing so far in PR.  :frowning:

Bettyboop, you should know by now if it happens in The Rinse then it has to be a secret .

Daily Snooze has the itinerary - stuff starting at noon

hee hee JC, you may have a good point.  I am just disappointed that the City does not communicate well to the citizens here. I honestly thought with very little communication, it was geared more for the cruise ship tomorrow. 

Thank you Oldymoldy, is that at the Mariners park?  I did not get my paper today, not sure what happened to the carrier.  I got home late from work.

yep, at Mariner’s Park - billed as “Picnic in the Park”.  Sing O Canada, welcome, etc at noon, then Citizenship ceremony til 1:30, more speechifyin’ at 1:30 by Coons, Mussallem, cake at 1:40 and then music til 4:00.  Kiddie games start at 2:00.  There must be fireworks too, but I can’t see what time that starts - methinks 11pm (ish).  So, happy 143rd birthday Canada!

Well, real great planning!  I thought it would have been arranged so that the cruise ship passengers could enjoy some of our festivities but no, everything is over before they dock and the fireworks begin after they leave !  Oh well…Happy Birthday though  :smiley:

It’s ok codybear, I heard that the Mayor and at least one of the councilors will be traveling to Alaska for their celebration for 3 days.  Thought with last year’s group that went to Alaska would bring back some ideas for here, but guess not. Plus I don’t think the city has the funds to have it all day and into the evening.  At least the cruise ship gets to see the fireworks.

Sadly, no fireworks this year there isn’t the money in the budget, the next planned show is for Halloween

How much funding would it take to have our show all day long?  The vendors could be there and the food kiosks , I am sure the tourists would love to have a feed of smoked fish etc. ( I know I would!) and as for the fireworks, if we do have them, the show starts an hour after they leave.  There has to be more planning especially since this Council seems to be so concerned with the bucks the tourists bring in here  :unamused:

Thanks ThePodunkian and your link to PR Events, looks like there will be fireworks, should be about the same time the cruise ship leaves the harbour. Thank you for the list of events and hope to see many there for the celebration.  :smile:

The same thing that happens every year.

Billy good point, however since putting this on line last night to see over 475 viewers reading this, perhaps someone out there will actually address this in the future. I am thankful we have this line of communication. I still do not have a paper and did look on PRDN web site and did not see anything there.  Maybe, just maybe we will see changes.  :smile:

Despite the numerous reports, there are no fireworks, I’m on the crew, there are no fireworks this year.

Well, in that case, I think all of us who posted on this topic should meet at the waterfront and bring our own sparklers, or is that illegal?  LOL

Thanks for the info wollongong and sorry to hear that. Guess they added Fireworks on the agenda with hope that it would happen.

    July 1, 2010  Celebrating Canada’s 143rd Birthday

    Mariner’s Memorial Park Picnic in the Park  12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

    Live Music                        Ethnic Foods

    Birthday Cake                  Fireworks

    Trivia Testing                    Canadian Memorabilia Gifts
    Contests and Games        Tree Seedling Distributions

    Children’s Face Painting  Children’s Old-Fashion Games

    Canada Day celebrations in Prince Rupert are held annually in
    Mariner’s Park to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

On July 1st, Rupertites and visitors gather at Mariner’s Park on 1st
Avenue East and McBride Street. Ethnic foods, live music, and other
entertainment that represent Canada’s cultural mosaic are enjoyed on
this day. Birthday cake is given out by the mayor and other local VIP’s
to anyone who wants a taste of sweetness. The day culminates with
fireworks over the harbour that light up the summer sky upon dusk.

Well this is all rather confusing, the Special Events website outlines that fireworks take place at dusk!

“The day culminates with fireworks over the harbour that light up the summer sky upon dusk.”

Maybe someone at the Mariner’s Park festivities can as Joy Sundin if there are fireworks, if anyone would have the definitive word on this it would  be her.

First I want to thank all the volunteers who work on the fireworks in PR… but I don’t understand why you would have fireworks at all in the summer months, regardless of the Holiday. Not many people stay up at that hour to enjoy them ( especially the kids) and you need the dark of night to enjoy them. Perhaps save the fireworks for New Years Day…

No fireworks tonight. The mains reason is budgetary in nature as apparently the “flash bang” monies were spent on the city’s birthday party fireworks back in February… was it? Whenever it was, too many holidays this year for the firework budget.

As to why the cruise ship isn’t planned into the celebration, it’s because most of the stuff that is a reason to go to Mariner’s Park is handed out free, like flags and cake etc. The food stands and merch booths can and do set up in the Salmonberry Market on the courthouse. Being as the cruise ship only pulls in at 4pm, the whole annual “afternoon in the park” would have to be re-jigged just for the boat. As it is, the volunteers have already been there since 7am or earlier and will finish up around 7pm tonight. If any of you feel offended that the volunteers don’t want to stay longer, be sure to sign up next year to help out with the planning!!

@codybear, I specifically asked about the cruise ship and there WAS planning around it, planning to not include the passengers in the whole cake and freebie part. I had thought that the citizenship ceremonies might be interesting for guests to see…but there are people coming from Kitimat and Terrace to take part so travel constraints are a factor as well.

Interesting I always thought that fireworks on Canada Day came via some kind of federal funding thing, you know part of the big vat of Canada dollars that July the 1st always used to provide. Wonder if that’s no longer so?

As for the cruise ship folks, while I can see wanting to get the free cake out of the way before the hordes disembarked, giving out some flags and such would have been a memorable thing for them.  

While that’s not the problem for the special events society, which clearly does much with little financial enticement, somebody somewhere in what passes for our tourism infrastructure might have given that some thought, you know making Canada Day something to remember for the gaggle of visitors wandering off the big boat, especially since we seem to be banking the tourist budget on salutations to the cruise ship industry.

Congratulations to PR Special Events Organizers and all the volunteers, it was a great day at the park!!  Big Thank YOU!!  :smile:

As for plans for next year, it is my hope perhaps the City can plan it in the budget from Tourism as you have mentioned, it is not only the cruise ship, we do have road travellers and those who do come to PR from our neighbouring communities. Perhaps reviewing the Tourism budget and actually see what the taxpayers do get for their money would be interesting.

It is my hope that City Council will see how important Canada Day is for the citizens here.  Perhaps also trim the budget for going to Alaska, our citizens do matter!!! Please get your priorities in order.