Canada Day in PR

Canada day should fall on a Friday next year, should it not?

No cruise ships on Fridays, so why are we using the tourism budget?

Because not all visitors to our town arrive on a big shiny white boat :unamused:

Well here’s a partial answer to your question, though one wonders if its a priority or not. … 56119.html

Thanks for the link Smurfette, I did noticed Bruce mentioned all these people coming to town as his friends.  The actual budget for TPR and what is spent on promoting PR would be interesting to see. 

Bubbasteve, I have to agree with Smurfette, not all tourists come off the ship that stops once/wk here.  Looking around at the park on Canada Day, I did notice some from our neighbouring communities (Terrace, Kitimat and other communities).

Canada Day is a very special day, I am proud to be a Canadian and appreciated our members from the Legion representing the sacrifice of their comrades so we can have freedom.  The sea cadets did a fantastic job making sure everyone was given a flag and one lady was giving out pins.  It was very nice and thank you.  Again Thank You to the PR Special Events!!!  It is my hope there will be more funds for next year.

Well the way I see it, the way this town and council is addressing issues in our community, I would be surprised to even see a Pocket Cruise in our port next year. I enjoy going down to Atlin with My Lady when the cruise ship docks and speaking with the tourists, but every one that I have shared words with have said there is nothing here and nothing to do. I have to agree with them. I do like the idea of selling fish on the dock as mentioned, that is worth thinking about.

We have pocket cruise ships stopping here already…dont we?? There was a smaller cruise ship in today (I cant remember the name).  I assume it would be a pocket cruise ship…or maybe not  :stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct Stacked, there was a pocket cruise in today. I think the port authority are the only ones who know when the arrival of the cruise ships.  Too bad the citizens here do not know so those who are in business can be part of it.  Wonder how things are actually advertised on the ships and the only services they receive?  Would be interesting, but again, perhaps a new thread needs to begin.  :smile:

Page 17 of the phone book has the cruise ship schedule, including the Silver Shadow that was in today.  That is the only ship listed other than the Norwegian Star on Thursdays.  So is that the only smaller ship scheduled all season?

As I said further back and that is what I mean, they will stop coming to this coastal community if The Chamber, The City and Tourist Bureau do not begin to reach out some how and invite private citizens to help.

They had it posted in one of the large storefront windows at Atlin also.  I think there is only one other small ship scheduled for one day, later this summer, along with the Silver Shadow.

Or you can check here:

 cruise ship schedule is inside the phone book page 17.

I forgot about the phonebook My2cents but I saw it down at Atlin.  I was just answering BettyBoops question regarding the schedule !  I guess the Silver Shadow made it’s one and only stop  :neutral_face: