Sorry to interrupt the deep discussions, and the resurrecting of old threads by newbies, but…

Really sucks. What the hell was I thinking, and why didn’t all those Safeway people stop me from buying it? Yes, I’m talking about you.

I think its still better then pepsi.

Hi MiG,

Any idea what the C2 stands for? Perhaps Classic 2? Whatever that means. Your post is the first I ever heard of it.

Probably should be C/2. Half the calories, half the taste.

I was thinking something like C^2.

If I remember reading the box correctly, C2 is for calorie-reduced and carb-controlled.

Right, so C for Carbs and C for calories. C to the power of two. C^2.

They were giving out C2 as free samples for Move-In Day here at the UofA and not one of the new kids liked the taste.

[quote=“Charles_T”]They were giving out C2 as free samples for Move-In Day here at the UofA and not one of the new kids liked the taste.


Hey Charles_T, it’s been a while! How are you? Still in AB? Can’t you guys get rid of Klein soon cause with the rise of oil prices and the money that will pour into Alberta, Klein will become more arrogant than ever-even though he has nothing to do with the province getting richer.

What it is, ThigBumb?

I’m still holdin’ out in these prairies and I unknowingly celebrated my 1-Year a few days ago… Good Times! The new kids at school have moved in and I’m showin’ them the ropes (I’m such a role model).

I don’t know much about Klein (besides that he knows how to throw one hell of a party), but that surplus sure is nice for the province… maybe I’ll cash in on some Bursaries or something?

I think we should all give Conservatives a try… you know… just so you can say that you’ve done it (but I didn’t inhale).

Since this thread is somewhat about bad food, who is going to see the movie “Supersize me”? I understand that it is one of those Thursday night movies this coming Thursday (Sept 9th). For more information about this movie visit


I have seen it… it was pretty lame but sickening just the same

do they call it C4 in Iraq?

Have you seen how Pepsi and Coke are always coping what the other

company makes. When Vanilla coke came out, Pepsi with a hint of vanilla

came out.

Same with most of there products. Is one of the two companys just copying

the other?

C2 tastes worse than no name cola. Almost has a stale taste to it or something.
Sprite Remix on the other hand, is amazing.

The berry stuff? :angry: eww…

I gotta say, I’m a pretty big fan of those Sprite commercials with the negro action figure.

ill stick to my good ol fashion grape pop :smiley:

Basically it is a half block of C4 explosives stuffed into a can.

I don’t drink any of that stuff, even if they claim it’s exploding with flavour.