Bush and third world country

So how does this all look on his Legacy, I just bet Laura is so proud of him and that group called the Republicans. So China is probably sitting back saying soon we move in.

Na if China wanted to move in they would ask for the billions of dollars they have lent to the Americans. then move in… :astonished:

The Americans have borrowed Billions from countries if those countries said enough and cut them off the money boob. the America empire would fall. leaving the Americans asking those countries who lent them money to wipe the slate clean.

Do you really believe the Americans can pay back all that money…LOL…

they need a world war to stimulate their economy but the only problem with that is the way we fight wars has changed so much since WW1 WW2, that it would be over in a matter of seconds leaving this planet in radiated rubble.

personally I would hate too see people loose their life saving’s, their retirement funds, their medical. But on the other Hand should government intervene with 700 billion dollars to bail them out? 

Its going to be interesting times ahead down south of the boarder, American may be the next Mexico.  Mexicans crossing back to Mexico  and Americans  crossing the boarder into Canada, we may need to build a fence to keep out the illegal aliens . :smiley:


Heh-heh, good one, Eso! :sunglasses:

The American “empire” as you say is not really an empire. They don’t need any other country’s resources to sustain themselves. It might be tough, but the USA COULD get by with just the resources containted in her own borders—just like Canada.

I don’t see how people could possibly lose their life savings. For some reason it’s a popular belief that all corporations are evil (thank Enron for that) and that the government has control over the corporations, or vice versa. This is a complete fabrication. It’s not how the world works. Joe Smith’s money is in an American national bank–how is the government going to take that and pay back their debts?

On the subject of debts, I’d like to see what facts you have and where you got them. How much does the US owe different countries? Over what period (years are fine) did she accumatlate this debt? What agreement was in place to facilitate the repayment of this money?

Finally, dealing with the Nuclear fallout of a Third World War–I think you’ll find that most Historians will disagree with you. You are correct in one respect, “mutually assured destruction” will keep the nuclear powers from actually exersizing that power. That’s why, during the Cold War, the US and the USSR had to stockpile so many nuclear weapons. The US wanted the USSR to know that IF the USSR attacked, they would be counter-attacked by the same amount of destruction–and vice versa.

Therefore, because every single power realizes that the use of nuclear weapons begets the use of more nuclear weapons, no one will use them except in the more opportune or needy moment–such as when George Bush is in his bunker beneath the White House and can hear Chinese tanks outside, or when the US has disabled all of China’s nuclear capabilities.

As such, WW3 will actually be quite similar to World Wars 1 and 2–just with improved technology and (hopefully) less loss of life. The fundamental element of WW3 will be the same, though–the rifleman.

I only read the first sentence, and you need to learn about global economy, do you not think the American’s owe billions of dollers to other countries do you beleive they just print money when they need it?

LMAO America is not all that cracked up  as you make it out to be, don’t believe me check CNN…

People and yes millions of Americans will loose their pension funds, and Life saving if the government does not intervene.

Its a disaster waiting to happen, you think America is the strongest nation …lmao they are bullies of the economical world.

Yes they lend money to other countries but usually at a cost to that country.

anyways love to argue with ya… but I’m building a bunker in the back yard…

That’s exactly what they’ve been doing, and one of the reasons the value of the US dollar has dropped.  That’s supply and demand – if they print more money, then it’s worth less.  But it also causes inflation and other nasty side effects.  It’s the classic way you get out of foreign debt – you devalue your currency.

I have to disagree that war is good for an economy.  It isn’t.  Most of the US recessions and economic slowdowns have occurred because of wasting of tax money on wars.

If you’re thinking of WWII as an economic boom, then you’re overlooking the obvious: heavy industrialization, and heavy government spending on domestic economies (ie: The New Deal, government subsidized factories, Lend-Lease).  The war itself was a huge drain on the economy, not a boost.

If you look at Korea, Vietnam, the 80s Cold War, the first Gulf War, you’ll see the pattern repeats – recession follows heavy government spending on arms. 

Astrohugsyouall remember you told me that I could rent the basement suite to your bunker. I want to get cable hooked up so we may keep an eye on CNN.

Yes MiG I was looking at ww1 and ww2 and what it did to stimulate the economy In the USA, from what I remember of high school, and based my two bits on that.  Yes your right well both you and eccentric about ww3 it would be a different war, but I also think it would be the last…But those are my own feeling on the subject. 

This simply isn’t true.
Economists call it The Broken Window Fallacy.

not a problem, we are  working on the wast removable bio hazards disposable system right now. satellite cable and up linking is next.  

o yes
something like
Robert A. Heinlein concept called “TANSTAAFL”

I’m still counting down the days til I have an Amero in my wallet.

WW1 and WW2 weren’t profitable for governments, it was profitable for industry. The only reason that WW2 was able to pull the world out of the Great Depression was because there were suddenly hundreds of thousands of jobs created in industry, military, and military support.

As a solution to today’s problems, it just wouldn’t work. Mainly because there’s no reason to fight a war. I have a feeling you’re one of the ‘false flag’ supporters, arguing that most major wars in the last century were set in motion by greedy corperations and governments. It’s just not true.

To go back to your original post, no country will ever successfully invade and take over a technologically sound United States–meaning that the US has the same or better technology as the invader. Why? Watch the movie Red Dawn. A country the size of the US could engage an invader in a geurilla war that could last decades, no problem. Look at Iraq! If I remember correctly the US had ‘control’ of Bagdad within a week or two of the intitial invasion. But here we are today, and peace in Iraq seems extremely far off.

The thing is Baghdad was better off with Hussein in power, seems horrible to say, but its true, Iraq and Afghanistan are no win wars. The day USA and the The coalition of the willing pull out, Taliban and a dictator will rule the land. No amount of diplomacy will ever make the Sunni, the Shiites, and the Kurds embrace one another for long.

Do you really believe the presence of American solders are making a difference in those two countries, and remember why those two countries were invaded!!

they still don’t have Usama Bin Laden and there is a 5 million dollar bounty for him, that’s a huge incentive to turn him in. 

And the Iraq’s or Hussein was the backer of Al Qaeda with their  weapons of mass destruction “WMD”.

to get back on task
GWB legacy is that of corruption, being seen a terrorist in the eyes of most of the world.
a stolen presidency.
The failing economy.
The housing industry in the shitter.
Job creation \next to nill, due to outsourcing.
escalating prices for gasoline, groceries, and the general cost of living.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The environment.

The next Present is going to have his hands full Dealing with all the shit that happened under the watch of George and his marry men of plunder.

with all the technology you talk about it’s not going to help them with whats happening at home, People are loosing their homes, the people are torn regarding the government investing 700 billion dollars  to company’s.
Its a lot more gloomy down south of the border and I’m glad my dad relocated to Canada, as I would have hated to live there. might be nice place to visit but that’s it… 

Good movie for you about the place you live: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0417614

On the subject of debts, I’d like to see what facts you have and where you got them. How much does the US owe different countries? [/quote]

  -John McCain during the September 27th presidential debate (http://elections.nytimes.com/2008/president/debates/transcripts/first-presidential-debate.html.  Scroll down to just before halfway to see the quote.)

further digging I found those numbers wrong and bigthumb numbers right, and the grand total = 2.5 Trillion Dollars.

Just to name a few…

586 Billion Dollars

486 Billion Dollars

OPEC Nations (Including Venezuela & Iran):
146 Billion Dollars

38 Billion Dollars

Grand Total of Debt owed to foreign nations as of February 2008:
2.5 Trillion Dollars

I think it’s actually higher 2.5 trillion.  It’s a lot larger.  2.5 of it may be foreign held, though.

Other than the Chinese banks, which are owned by the People’s Liberation Army, most of that money is owed to banks, not to countries.  The domestic debt is often held by normal US citizens, as bonds, etc.  I’d say less than 25 % of US debt is foreign held.

The USA doesn’t owe Japan money, it owes international banks (who happen to have headquarters in Japan) money.

If you get a car loan from CIBC, do you owe money to Canada, or to the bank?

The US debt, per capita or as a percentage of GDP, isn’t really huge.  It has been much greater, by both of those measures at numerous times in the past. 

Canada’s debt is higher than the US debt, as a percentage of GDP.  And we’ve been in even worse shape (in the 1990s, for example).  In fact, I’d say there are a lot of western First World nations who have a higher debt / GDP ratio than the USA.

Oh, there’s another reason you’d want to borrow money from Japanese banks.  Check out the interest rates :wink:  It’s not the 1980s with huge interest rates, it’s practically free money.  If you take into account inflation, you gain money from borrowing from Japan.

that may be true, but do those countries want to spend 700 Billion to save some failing financial system???