Briglio settlement

No chat here about Briglio’s recent settlement over assault charge?

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Well it was on CBC news

That’s fine, but, remember anyone can read this site including Mr. Briglio.  I just would like to discourage any future comments that may be perceived to be damaging to Mr. Briglio’s reputation.

Some of us:

  • Don’t watch the CBC
  • Use the internet for news instead of TV and paper

I searched the supposed Briglio story and there’s nothing out of google, so therefore this thread carries without substance.

If you insist, then at least care to provide the article and the link to the source. Otherwise I have no respect for your one-line post.

Perhaps a relative of billy?  :imp:

Maybe a bit more sinister. lol  :imp:

Nah. Just someone trolling for gossip. Don’t feed the trolls.

Awww, but they’re so cuuuute…

… and when you poke them…

Marthabob4u:  what did the CBC news story say?

Friend heard it- not me.  Was just checking on it- thought someone would have heard too. … 550.0.html

Yeah… and?

You can search the court records online.  They’re public records. … 

Type in a last name, for example.


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   Re: Town councillor in serious hot water
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Well if these stories are true, that is indeed some shameful behavior. Some people just shouldn’t drink. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your stature is in the community. We see it all the time in court. It changes people’s behavior.

Pathetic. " 

Remember now?

Marthabob4u, you can use the quote button to make the stuff look better on the screen.

Anyway, I don’t want to put words in CrazyMike’s mouth, but I think he might be asking if you have any news?  Other than what’s on the court website, which is that the matter is over as of a month ago?

Whoa.  This all never happened.  I am folding my tent and stealing away.

Well, you started a topic asking:

And the answer is no.  We didn’t hear about the recent settlement over an assault charge.

Can you fill us in?  Do you have anything to add? 

marthabob2u, this is for you:

And seriously, please don’t send me your spam.

You’re giving me an impression that you’re maliciously and intentionally destroying Tony Briglio’s, and nobody here are interested in your crusade.

Leave the guy alone. What can you gain from him?