Brads is open

Brads out in Sunny Porto Edwardo  is open again. But not on Mondays, i think.

Last time I visited Brads was a few years ago with a friends grand-daughter and it was horrible. All she wanted was a hotdog, so we ordered and that came to the table as a half cooked ,cold dog on a slice of bread, (they had neglected to inform us of their lack of buns!) drowning in ketchup. I had heard that their Chinese food was GREAT :confused: but I would have to suggest that you carry a fly swatter with you or one of those new funky looking Zappers as they are horrendous.  Bon Appetit!

Well that’s for that little ray of sunshine.  I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience there.

I happen to think Brads is the greatest thing to happen to Port Ed.  I would give my left nut for a BCD, fries, gravy and a cherry milkshake. 

Some people just complain about such little things, I am amazed what people seem to want and then complain a whole lot.

I have never eaten there but I have heard that it is pretty good. I will have to try it sometime.

I have to laugh at how pathetic my life is, that this is meaningful for me. Had to have a CCD and Onion rings yesterday, YUMMY! I’ve gotten food poisoning from there in the past and will still order and eat the food, a sucker for punishment or what?

Great might be a bit of a stretch, but it is edible at least. They are / were more famous for thier burgers.

I don’t know if the moderators are sleeping or what, but to allow the blasphemy from some of the posters berating Brad’s is unjust.

I know this site loves to attract the negative, but this is far too out of hand.  The CCD is privilege that was trusted to Sunny Port Ed, as a gift for the locals.  Lucky are we.

A disgusting shame to those posts mentioned, I hope your children don’t type with your dirty keyboards, and God help us all, pray that Brad hasn’t read this board and decided to close back up.

What is a CCD ?
I have heard only good from Brads

CCD is a Combo Cheese Deluxe.

Burger patty, cheeze, hotdog sliced in half so it can fit onto a hamburger bun, lettuce and tomatoe. Don’t forget the mayo and the honey mustard.


Also known as a heart attack in a wax paper bag
love them however, and the o-rings oh so good
with a liquorice milkshake and the Chinese food is good as well

Wow, you must really hold Brad’s in high esteem to consider any of the previous posts ‘blaphemy’ which by definition is usually reserved for something considered sacred.

  Get a grip please…!!!  As I recall only a few months ago we had posts galore, mostly negative and very critical of the employees also of Pizza Hut and other eating establishments in town.  This is a place we go to vent, state opinions, debate and yes, criticize.  Are you new here or what?  If in your opinion and other posters on this topic, you consider yourselves lucky to have dined at Brads, then more power to you, some of us have not had such a good adventure! As for blasphemous, you are joking, right?  And if an owner of any establishment were to “close their doors” due to the opinions on this great site, most of Rupert would be empty. Oh, and my keyboard is pristeen, thank you :unamused:

brads i consider ok but anyone can put a hotdog in a burger . heck 7-11 makes hotdogs that taste like hamburgers . :astonished: :astonished:

I drove out there thinking that I was going to enjoy the burger which everyone was telling me about, got there and ordered. Twenty min. later I got an uncooked piece of meat from the kitchen and bad vibes when comlained about it, then I walked out never to return but I drive by every once in awhile.

Apparently, PR had went from an ordinary northern hell hole with nice natural scenery to anarchists’ paradise.

So yeah, I don’t see why not.

I agree with chaos and codybear933, this is the best place on the internet to display your ultimate displeasure on just about everything…

No it isn’t.

Yes it is.

Highly doubtful if Brad will read these posts!

My first reaction the the post was that it was a sarcastic comment.
Still think it is.

Yum!! milkshakes on the way home from the lake :smile: Best ever!!  Ive never actually eaten the food…now im kinda scared too…but i will continue the milkshake ritual - even though it costs too much;)

That’s what your complaining does. It rips buisnesses down and takes money away. EVERY RESTARAUNT MAKES MISTAKES!!! PERIOD! Even I make mistakes when doing food prep. Even the best Chef in the world fucks up once and a while, and probably more than you know.

I once found a fly in my fries while eating at a reputable establishment. Do you hear me using fear tactics and convincing people not to eat there?

Christ people find something better to complain about for once. Or better yet, instead of bitching, use your brain and do something about it.

Ah - the only thing better than reading complaining posts, is reading posts complaining about posters complaining.

What - in your esteemed opinion - would be something better to complain about. Not the PRDN, we know. Have you suggestions?

Yes, every restaurant makes mistakes - but when they make mistakes, people’s lives are at risk. I would rather know, up front, that a restaurant has a higher risk of food poisoning. It doesn’t mean I won’t take the risk and eat there though.

Love livin’ on the edge  :smiley: