Boycott Cow Bay Merchants

Due to interference by several Cow Bay merchants, Prince Rupert’s new alternate school was unfairly discriminated against.

From the Northern View

And I quote from

There you go. Now that you know exactly what it means, spurred to action you are.

Cowbay merchants will not be receiving my business this impending holiday season. Especially not Glenn Saunders…ie “Cow Bay Gift Galley”. 

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I implore the activist in every concerned resident of Prince Rupert to steer clear of the now infamous Cow Bay merchants for their bigotry and short-sightedness.

For shame, Mr Saunders and Co.

For shame.

Well said…I will not spend another one of my hard earned dollars in Cow Bay!!
Merry Christmas City of PR!!!

They got a say in it? Good.
s’cuse the lack of sympathy but regular school ain’t that fucking hard.

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]They got a say in it? Good.
s’cuse the lack of sympathy but regular school ain’t that fucking hard.[/quote]

This school isn’t the traditional alternate school.  It’s going to be doing some programs that aren’t available in the regular schools – such as the FIT program, which includes IT certifications and stuff like that. 

There are much better locations,  that are safer as well.  I will still be shopping at Cow Bay.  After all Xmas is soon here.  And I know that if they did put it there, people would still be arguing about it being there.  Boycott away scallywags.

So not safe enough for a school, but safe enough for shopping and tourists.

That’s your argument?

If so, then why is Councillor Bedard’s school ok in such a dangerous environment?

Personally, I’m not boycotting Cow Bay.  I’ll be handing out leaflets to cruise ship passengers telling them how Cow Bay is so dangerous.

There are much better locations,  that are safer as well.[/quote]

Such as?

I would also like to hear suggestions about safer locations.  If the Cow Bay area is unsafe, then I really should stop taking my kid there for shopping and hanging out at Cowpuccino’s. 

As a matter of information, Mr Saunders also owns and operates the Yellow House in Terrace. However he does not live in either community.  He lives in Nanaimo.  He said so at the Council meeting…flew in “special-like” for this meeting - the grand guy he is.

i would like to thank our new mayor for putting his vote where his heart lies. this is a big improvement from other mayors whose vote usually lies with there pocket books. the cow bay area has been operated by industerial shops since before the war. the building in question has been vacant for several years know . ever since the neww owners took possesion they have been lobbying to change the zonnig . the old owners could not rent it so lets get it re zoned . a school is not the answer .whats wrong with fraser street where these students have the college at there disposal.they will learn alot more there than in some industrial area with a beer and wine store accross the street. wake up and loose the attitude. i am sick of hearing the first nation bomb everytime someone pulls the rug out. i will continue to shop in cow bay.

There’s a beer and wine store near Fraser Street too.  What does that have to do with anything? 

Is that why Cow Bay is a dangerous place?  Beer and Whine store + welding and fabricating shops is dangerous?

Can you explain to everyone why Councilor Bedard’s school is fine in Cow Bay, near your industrial shops?

Wow,  no its not my argument,  I just don’t think Rupert needs an alternative school. Parents should just keep thier kids in line.  My Family will never need an alternative school and really, if other parents do not want to try or put in a little hard work when needed too bad for them and thier kids.
maybe you should hand out pamphlets,  the way those tourists drive those scooters its a great idea to warn them of other dangers

It’s not just about kids breaking rules and then being sent to alternate schools–I think it has more to do with kids, and adults, who aren’t suited for stanard school surroundings. One example that comes to mind is a child that might be a danger to themselves or others if in a standard school.

Wow,  no its not my argument,  I just don’t think Rupert needs an alternative school. [/quote]

Is that why you said “There are much better locations,  that are safer as well.”  You really didn’t mean that you thought it was an unsafe location, and that rather Rupert didn’t need an alternate school.  Wow indeed. 

Good for you.  This school is not about keeping kids in line.  It will also offer college credit courses, including some technology courses not available anywhere else. 

So you do think it’s dangerous?

…other parents do not want to try or put in a little hard work when needed[/quote]

I believe the school would be dealing with a little more than just students whose parents didn’t “put in a little hard work”.

Parenting has a lot to do with how kids turn out, but not everything.

There are a few pertinent points that can be raised here.  

Firstly, when the school district raised the prospect of moving French Immersion from Westview to Roosevelt, there were letters of protest from parents of non colour saying “I won’t have my child with those aboriginal of kids”.  The real issue was about education, not race.

And now this.  The merchants categorized these students as a specific and different ‘type’ of kind, or race.  There were statements made by these merchants that these students should go back to Fraser Street where they came from.

Is it possible to have confusion over who these (type) of students are?

The race card has been played by non-aboriginals in both of these recent educational issues.

There is at least agreement that this has to stop.

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Would be interested as to what thoughts the last two posts from The Punisher, and arambler tried to express. Could they repost with these thoughts a bit clearer?

To be clear, I do not think it is, as much, Racial Discrimination, but more a type of Social? discrimination. Alternate schooling or “Innovative” generally means different, or foreign, and there for not normal.
Either way it is a form of discrimination and our council bought into it.

Council is already screwing up…  I never realised at first that it was an alternate school that this thread was regarding as I knew that 2-3 schools were shut… The required space does not justify their reopening …Kathy Bedard’s school services adults with many of the same needs as these kids…  Council buying into the discrimination disturbs me… As of the Merchants most in Rupert don’t care about the community and this is why I prefer to Shop out of town…
The owners of Cow Bay Gift Galley are not the only ones that don’t give a shit, it’s been like that overall for years…