Boil water advisory in effect

Ya think? Haha. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

Is it safe to shower with this water ? My sinus have been plugged and lots of eye snot the last few days and as far as I know ,my immune system is fine.

Yes. it is safe to shower and wash clothes with untreated water. Try to avoid drinking the water when you shower.

I have been trying not to get water in my eyes as I find that it makes them burn.

As usual, the City drops the ball. Total
lack of information.

How so? On the contrary I think that the City has been quite transparent on this issue.

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they haven’t been 100% transparent they have not said how often they test the water so no one knows if they have been drinking contaminated water before the advisory, do they test it everyday once a week once a month? why don’t they say anything about that

oh forgot to add, if ppl didn’t have the city’s emergency app, or facebook or worked at a business where they phoned about the boil water advisory? how would ppl have known about it? word of mouth? why can’t citywest have cut into the tv programming with an emergency alert? you know like when we get the South Dakota emergency alerts that cut into our tv programs?

Oh shut up you, maybe you should ask the city if they can set up an air raid siren by your house.


Pretty damn sure they test regularly, just like every community in BC does. It’s also in conjunction with health authorities. I’m sure it didn’t take long for everyone in town to know we had a boil water advisory with the emergency app, social media and word of mouth.

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The water issue was also announced on CBC radio.

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Do they have access to a provincial advisory system?

In Alberta, I’ve received stuff on my phone that’s been targeted geographically. Like Ambert Alerts, etc.

Biut hey, it’s Prince Rupert. It would just be a matter of telling one person, and then the rest of town should know in a few minutes, right? Isn’t that how Prince Rumour works? :slight_smile:


Prince Rumour, what more do we need. :laughing: That being said the City of Prince Rupert has an emergency alert that anyone can sign up for.

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Boil water advisory still in effect

Unfortunately, there are no treatment options available to the City to remove cryptosporidium at the source supply, and therefore there is currently no way to prevent or manage the issue other than to wait for the water to clear itself.


What’s the latest scoop on the Boil Water Advisory?

No end in sight. I’m getting used to boiling water and looking for good deals on bottled water.


Wow… 3 weeks went by pretty fast. I thought we were on our second week.

Anyway, felt like another normal day.

first i would like to thank Port Edward and their help by letting Rupertits take water from their RV Station, that said why doesn’t the city post the testing numbers and what the numbers should look like? that way we would at least guess how close it is to being resolved

Remember when everyone hated Port Edward ? :slight_smile: