Boil water advisory in effect

Weird. Tim Hortons is not selling coffee. McDonalds is selling coffee. The struggle is real, man. :wink:

Wow that’s nuts.

I mean, they have to boil the water to make the coffee right? :slight_smile:

Is the boil-water order because of bacteria in the water or something like that? Or just ‘debris’ ?

Samples have indicated cryptosporidium and giardia levels higher than acceptable
Mcdonald’s has a coffee percolator, while tim horton’s has a normal coffee maker that you would see in a restaurant which won’t boil the bacteria out of it, and thanks to ruperites panicking some corner grocery stores apparently jacked up their water prices according to ppl on facebook, some as high as 300 percent

Dam those sound like STD,s ,wish I had checked here earlier, I just learned about this half an hour ago ,I drank some tap water yesterday. …

The bacteria can be serious for people with compromised immune systems. Holy crap it is amazing how much water we use on a daily basis. We’re boiling lots of water several times per day. It is so easy to take for granted basic necessities. I am thankful that the city sent out notifications by text, e-mail, and to my landline (I never use that thing).

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Wait are you being serious that you got texts,emails and a phone call ? We as a family … got nothing.

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Yes. I did. Our family signed up to get notifications.

Found this article about emergency notifications.

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I wonder how often the water gets tested?

Article in the Northern View about the intestinal parasite.

Microscopic parasite found in Prince Rupert water affecting thousands

business’s got phone calls at around 4pm

There’s tonnes of water at Safeway now. Bought 10 liters for $5.89. Weird days. Heh. :slight_smile:

Any idea how long it will last?

Is there a Red Cross or similar response? The Red Cross gave us free water (as much as we could carry!) when we returned to Fort McMurray after the evacuation.

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At least until Friday, it could be even longer depending on the test results. It looks like stores are bringing in extra water. Rupert Cleaners has a water dispenser and their water filtration system takes out the bacteria. Boiling water is good for everything if you don’t mind the colour. Some people have said it tastes funny but I didn’t notice with my tea or anything else I’ve used when cooking.

It really makes you appreciate tap water when you can’t just drink it.

Tea is a great idea, too. It’s really where tea came from in the first place. People started boiling the leaves of a certain shrub, and they noticed they didn’t get as sick as people who didn’t drink boiled tea. So they thought “hey, these leaves make you healthy if you boil them!” When in reality, it was boiling the water that made you “healthier” :slight_smile:

On CBC radio this morning. The boil water advisory to continue for another week as they wait for lab test results.

Not surprised, boil water advisories usually last longer than a week. Doesn’t help though that the testing can only be done in Vancouver. People are still blaming the City for not doing enough. We are fortunate that we can boil our water. Shower and do laundry without boiling. Hedley had arsenic in theirs and couldn’t use it at all.


Early Rumours suggests that the boil water could be in effect till the dam is replaced.Ahhh it’s not funny,I should not even joke about that I guess .

I highly doubt that as we have been using this 2nd reservoir for awhile. Hopefully it’s just a Prince Rumour.