Black bins around town?

What paper is in these bins? I see them scattered around town.  I can’t see them lasting that long.  There’s going to be papers all over the place and kids are going to knock them down.

That is the Daily News Free Papers Wed/ Fri
Yeah I dont understand why they went with boxes so light… 
I know that kids will likely make a mess of it too… 

This should be just a “Pilot Project” for a few weeks to see how it goes.

matter of time before a match is thrown in to one, and poof they will be gone in a puff of smoke…

Gee, thanks for the suggestion, Astro!

Maybe a job could be created picking up  papers that have blown away or been tossed by vandals, this could go on the Libs score card of jobs created in PR

A sign of things to come?  I was walking to work today past one of the black boxes by Hays Cove and Alfred and there were papers and ads spread all over Hell’s half acre.  Nice.  Not long before one of them is on fire like it was already implied.

Its so sad, because its a convenience for people who don’t subscribe.
Unfortunately, I can see vandalism ruining this worthwhile endeavor.

The one we opened up the other day had been used as a garbage can with a bunch of chips and pop cans and such stored there…

darn squirrels!

ours on Hays cove is gone it was there for a few days infront of hte bus stop we got our Wed paper but now the box is gone bit n peices of paper all over the place this really sucks not to get the paper. corner stores we have to pay for them even if they r supposed to be free

Yeah I never have understood why we have to pay for the paper on Wednesdays and Fridays at the store but would receive it for free (providing that the delivery system worked as it was supposed to)

I have a feeling that this whole black box exercise may not quite work out as the Daily News might have hoped for… considering the nature of the vandalism in this town, they do seem like a rather tempting target for the bored and destructive types

Might be better just to deliver the papers to the corner stores, tell them to give it away and give the store owners a commission for being a distributor…  would also help to drive traffic to the stores…

I haven’t had the priviledge of seeing one of these boxes yet but really, what did we expect ?  Just something else for people to vandalize…They won’t be around long…  :unamused:  Heard the Thrift Store had their big front window broken the other night…Ridiculous, this town… Soon we will resemble some dark, goth town, all our storefronts enveloped in steel bars…There’s a nice look for the tourists, scare the crap out of them… :smiley:

WHERE ARE THESE BINS. cause i never got my paper friday and i subscribe to it.

I think we may have some differences here, I would say that place thrif store is a rip off jus like the group who run it. Price is too high for many items an I say that because they are donated by caring people that hope things will go to the needie that can not afford. Much of the time I hear about staff who take thungs home for there own or family.The group who run it are into business not around for helpin out the one that can not afford. I think volunteers should be allowd half price. The window can be fixed but damag this group does will not be. Livin off peoples misery and livin free. I feel sorry for subway an there windows but not here. So maybe open a store who cares and no big prices. I droped stuff off half brokin and they put a big price on them. Wake up an refuse your service. No you can yell at me I know it but they suck.

The ones around the Sloan area are fine.

The list is on page two of the… oh wait, you didn’t get your paper, he he, hmmm, I’d phone the Snoozle and ask them for a refund.

Bins are on street corners around town in the residential areas, none downtown, they are spread out quite a bit though so you may have to take a bit of a hike to find one, which in our occassionally damp climate may help you to decide to just forget about the whole exercise…

So that is what people were doing along McBride the other day good idea , I guess.  So whats it doing out now in case I wish to read something about our fine city or should I just trust HTMF for now, confused.

Check page 2, bottom left side in an old paper.

There was a bin located near a hays cove bus stop, now there’s no evidence that it was ever there at all. I’m hoping that this isn’t because of vandalism.