Best game system to buy?

Hey folks, what do all you gamers recommend a guy buy for a gaming system, I have always been a pc gamer but it seems the game systems have become really good these days but there are so many of them, and so many games I am unsure which one would suit me best. I like simulation type of games mostly, I’m not a shoot’em up type much, although the kid got me into that call of duty 2 on the pc, its great fun. I mostly play flight simulator, train simulator, combat flight sim and silent hunter on the pc. Any advice on what system to buy given the type of games I like will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

The Wii is pretty cool,  but I’ve been eyeing up a 360 myself. It just seems like all the best games are 360 only, or 360 and PC…

The PS3 seems like an also-ran to me, though I’ve never touched one.

I’m into online multiplayer games so for me if I got a console it would be the 360. Not that the PS3 doesn’t do that stuff, but it’s still way overpriced. The 360 recently dropped a hundred bucks so it’s the most bang for your buck right now if you’re looking for good graphics capability and good game selection.

I have never bought a X box and never played it, I bought every Sony product except ps3 I love ps2 and my PSP and like mike i think the ps3 is expensive it did drop down in price and would like to buy one in the near future.

Thanks guys, the kid had said the 360 is the way to go too but I suspected hidden agenda. There is alot of cool racing games it looks like for the 360, I hate those games that call themselves a car game but you drive from outside of the car like a mario cart style, goddamn bullshit I say, that isnt realistic although that mario cart is a really fun game, we used to play the whole family when the kids were young, was a real hoot. “that’s 'a why, I’m 'a gonna win, AAAAAAAAAAA-hahahahahahahaha!”

I could go on about consoles forever, but I’ll try to keep it short…

Wii: The crazy controllers are fun, but not implemented very well in the games I have played, and they’re about $70 bucks each with a nunchuck which is pretty steep. There are some fun titles, but the graphics are really not very good (no HD) and none of the games other than MP8 and Strikers have really kept me entertained. I should mention that most MP8 and Strikers matches include alcohol and competetive buddies. Wii games suck.

PS3: So far pretty annoyed with the lack of titles on this system. GT HD was cancelled, GTA IV was pushed, again… and other eagerly awaited titles never seem to arrive on time. Developers are complaning about the difficulty involved in making games for this system… On the bright side the interface is the best of the three, online play is FREE, it’s the cheapest BluRay player around and the controllers are fantastic. I think in a years time, the PS3 may become a dominating HD system, but with the currently low-quality game selection you should wait until the price comes down more… Even though it’s a hundred bucks less than when I pre-ordered mine…

Xbox360: Excellent games, annoying interface, recent HD DVD support… I enjoy the 360 GAMES the most out of the three consoles. COD3, Gears, Halo3 next week… The games on this system is by far the best. The controllers are great, graphics are comparible to the PS3 and seem to be better on most cross-platform titles… The interface is terrible, and the external HD DVD drive is ridiculous, but whatever. It does all that the PS3 does but not as well. You need to pay for Xbox live…

This year the Xbox is winning in game quiality, but I think that will change within a year and a half. The wii is a totally different type of system, more aimed at lame party games and a younger audience.

On that note, the PS3 DIRT demo is amazing, but I havn’t tried the Xbox release. GT5 will be out eventually, expect it to destroy anything the Xbox has to offer.

I wouldn’t disagree with what you’ve posted tang, but I just thought that I would point out that your criticism of the Wii really boils down to it not being your kind of system. The sales of the unit speaks for itself. I think the Wii caters to a completely different market than the 360 and the PS3. I often wonder why people even bother comparing them. My wife for instance LOVES the Nintendo style games. I think she would love the Wii and I might just buy her one. That younger audience and party game crowd is obviously bigger than most people thought. Frankly I sometimes think that even Nintendo didn’t expect to do this well.

I have every console ever made, well I have every console emulator in my arcade cab,  I was a kid from the 70’ and 80’s when arcades was the place to be at. it sure is nice to play pacman, astroids, zazzon, tempest, defender, space invaders and all the rest, the last time i counted i had over 750 thousand games on it…

So I decide to buy an Xbox 360, and it turns out nobody in town has any at the moment :frowning:

Yeah that happened to me too. I totally would have bought one earlier this week, but none around. Now I’m having second thoughts. Also interesting to see that Zellers had three Wii’s in last weekend and by Tuesday they were gone.

I’m hoping to trade my wii for a 360… Halo3 anyone?

TF2 > Halo 3

I will tell ya this; the wii has great graphics the excite truck has awesome graphics but today i bought a new racing game called GT Pro series and the graphics suck its worse the a play station one, it came with a wheel for 19 dollars so I didn’t care.

I think the wii has not be utilized to its full potential, but when games that look like shit are released for it I think it could make people think about why they bought it, farcry and the such should have been ported to bring out the full potential instead of shoveling shit or pedaling shit that they think people will buy.

My work is open at midnight tomorrow for this game BOO HISS!!

Yeah, guys were red-eyed the next day at work… I sold my wii to a friend and bought a December 05 built 360 from the pawn shop with the cash. It took all of 10 minutes to flash the firmware on it to accept 1:1 ‘backups’, which is pretty cool. Noisy little thing, but it’s sporting a cool black paint job that I think I might sound proof/ rubber mount soon.

Excellent graphics on this thing. Wii wasn’t my style.

I’m hoping my 360 gets here this week.

Maybe some good ol’ Xbox Live BF2 -=TG=- action around the corner? Or somethign anyway. I’ll probably get banned from Xbox Live…

Does anyone know where in town I can order a new sensor bar for my Wii?  The cable for the sensor was chewed thru.  I got a wireless one from Zellers, but it sucks ass.  Thanks.

I would expect that Zellers carries both types. eBay might be bet if yo ca wai for it.