Best game system to buy?

Wii’s have graphics as good as the original xbox does, but its really fun because you can use your hands to control stuff and its where all those Nintendo games are goin.

If your just going to play Action type games get the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is going to have pritty much all the same action games as the ps3 will get, plus more.

The ps3 right now has the best hardware of all the consols right now and its gonna get all those RPG type games like the final fantasys. Get the ps3 if your into those. Dont get the PS3 because its has the best hardware, because like i said in another post that the xbox 360 is built like a computer and would be able to get upgraded in the future just like a computer does.

The problem with the PS3 is the High Def DVD driver.  Sony thought just because they tossed one into the PS3, everyone would love it, go crazy and buy it.  Too bad they don’t realize that people buy game consoles for (duh) gaming and if they wanted a high def dvd player, they would probably just go out and buy one.  Now they’re getting kicked in the ass for it.

The Xbox 360 is the actual powerhouse of the three. The key to it’s power lies in the bandwidth brought in by the eDRAM, which rates at 256 GB/s. In effect, this saves the GPU time and power so that physical calculations, anti-aliasing, z-buffering, and alpha blending can occur more efficiently while using up less machine power. The Xenon processor, while suffering from well-known overheating problems, is a tried and true, and non-experimental CPU with 3.2 GHZ cycle rate a core in a total of 9.6 GHZ through the cores. People often dismiss consoles as inferior in comparison to a computer in regards to memory, but the difference here is that a large amount of the memory is solely dedicated to a game, rather than a computer which dedicates shared amounts of memory for multiple processes including a game. The PS3 has a wider colour range, and is more capable of running different Operating Systems (OS) as we all should know, but the Xbox 360 is much more capable of game-dedicated power.

It’s sad that the Wii is going to come out as a fad. Now, it’s an interesting concept, but it could have been just as powerful as the other two. This way, the Wii could have even more potential than the realistic Wii. Nintendo kind of made a bad move on their part as the Wii is attracting mostly the casual gamers. While casual gamers encompass a much larger number of people, these are the people who would play a game maybe once or twice a week at most. Hence, casual gamers may buy the console just so to play quick, easy, rather superficial games once in a while, but they’re not the dedicated kind. The best market is the ‘true’ gamer, who not only buys the systems, but buys the games, and plays them much more often in general. This is why the Wii may undoubtedly fail in the long run, and I am speculating this to be at a little more than a year from now.

With the direction of games now, you can’t deny that the power of a platform is getting increasingly bombarded by demand. I’m sorry to say this in a way, but the Wii will not last. Nintendo should honestly consider designing a new console altogether, or consider “pulling a Microsoft” and giving the Wii a hardware make-over. There’s nothing wrong with being a more powerful console, as then the Wii will have even more potential and will be able to better compete with the others while still having it’s innovative control features (which garner a mixed bag of reviews from critics and players alike, so it’s still a bit kinky).

Yeah, I’m probably not going to mod my 360.

Umm Sony is Blue Ray
and Xbox is High-Def sorry there DUDe

Nintendo kind of made a bad move on their part as the Wii is attracting mostly the casual gamers.[/quote]

Wow. What is it that has you speculating the Wii will fail in about a year? Let’s see… perhaps it’s that it’s outselling all the other consoles. Hmm… can’t be that. WAIT! It must be that Nintendo is the only company making money on each sale of a console. Damn, not that either. I GOT IT! It must be that Nintendo’s success with the Wii to date has been pretty much entirely on the back of in-house game development. I mean, things surely won’t get better starting over the next couple of months when all the third party developers release their games for it.

Crap. I guess things look pretty bleak for Nintendo, tapping into that untouched casual gaming market. I bet right about now they sit daily in a boardroom wishing they had instead catered to hardcore gamers.

Agreed.  Now that Nintendo is the number one gaming system on the planet it does not look good for their fourth quarter profits.  How indeed will they recover from this catastrophe? 
Heh-heh, funny stuff, CrazyMike. :smiley:

I world recommend to buy the Xbox 360 Halo 3 bundle, comes with Xbox 360 elite and Halo 3

I love my 360, it has some of the best games I’ve played on any console.  If you like racing games Forza is the perfect game.  If you like RPG’s it has oblivion and a couple others.  I’m mostly a shooter guy myself so I’m happy with Gears Of War, Halo 3 and especially Bioshock, which has one of the best stories I’ve ever seen in a shooter.

I only did mine to see if I could… So far it’s served no purpose and has only made me nervous playing online. I’d recommend against it unless you tend to wreck your games on a regular basis.

FTR my Live account is working fine. Played many hours of COD3 online in the hotel yesterday… Downloaded 10 new maps, you get 1 month free gold account when you register a free account.

Bluray, not HDDVD… Minor detail… The discs are required to fit the games anyway, so this wasn’t a move to trick consumers into buying a HD movie platform. BTW at the time of its launch the PS3 was the cheapest available 1080p player in either format. How do you figure they’re getting kicked in the ass because of this?

So I can add RAM, a faster CPU, graphics card, expansion cards and hard drives to the 360? What about ANY of the components I just mentioned? How about an internal HD-DVD drive instead of that huge external one Microsoft is selling?

It looks to me like everything is integrated… Say you changed the CPU, would the 360 firmware/drivers be compatible?

Guitar Hero II is so worth buying a 360 Eso.

I want some of these games:

Very realistic graphics.

It’s such a drag that Microsoft’s 360 wireless adapter is so expensive. I have been trying to get a network bridge between my PC and 360 for the last 3 hours. Windows is somehow all messed up. I’m currently on a wireless connection that is ‘not connected’… WTF?

Get a mac?

Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh. . . . .

Mike and I changed the jacks in the room to RJ45 and and bought a cheap Dynex 5 port switch for the PS3/360/PC. Everything is peachy now. I just recently broke my Xbox Live COD3 addiction with Halo 3.

So I guess we know what you’ll be doing once COD4 releases. :smile:

You bastards better not make me buy a 360.  'cause if I do, then I’ll never finish this fricken course I’m taking.

What’s CoD like on the xbox?  What kind of controller do you use? 

COD3 is amazingly good on the 360 and amazingly terrible on the PS3. There are some bugs, like getting stuck behind a crate or finding your way inside a wall and being invisible to others… You can submit complaints against those who are ‘glitching’ if you want, but it’s easy to find another room. COD gameplay is more of  a precise aim and fire style of shooter. Get shot and die or, lay low and heal/reload. In contrast, Halo3 abd Gears of War are a race to get the most rounds into your opponent. Getting shot doesn’t mean your dead, or even wounded sometimes and because of that I prefer games like COD3 for online multiplayer. Single player isn’t as fun, unlike Halo 3.

This is the controller (white one). Maybe you’ll find it awkward or annoying to use if you’re a mouse/kb guy, but so did I. I love it now.

This Need For Speed Carbon disc has never worked on my 360. About 20 seconds into the first career race it freezes and says the disc is damaged. There isn’t any scratches, it’s new… I rip and burn a copy of it on a cheap Memorex DVDDL+RL from Futureshop and the games works perfectly.

Maybe I should pick up COD3… COD4 is coming out soon, though, isn’t it?

Mostly I play NHL 08 right now. Been considering picking up GRAW2.

Rent it before you buy it…