Bear Question


I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but has anyone heard any reports of bears being in the Grassy Bay/Butze Rapids area recently? Someone mentioned that they had heard a report on CBC radio to this effect. Does anyone have any info regarding this?


My parents have been running the Butze trail daily for a few years now and have yet to come across any evidence of bears. I’m out there fairly often and have seen a few wolves, and dead animal remains, but no bears, bear shit or bear tracks. Unless you have a small stupid dog, I wouldnt’ worry about the wildlife around Rupert too much. However, I hear bears love to eat skunk cabbage, so be safe and try not to roll in the stuff.

I’m not saying bears don’t live in the area. I live nearly downtown and there have been bears on my street, and in many other areas around town… Usually looking for garbage at night. I wouldn’t be worried about them though.


as much as i think it would be cool to meet a bear in his element, i bet id really shit my pants


I havn’t shit mine yet, but I have had a few good adrenaline rushes.

Dave, if I hear of anything, I’ll post it hear for ya.


You get a good adrenaline rush when a black bear rushes you and you have to put three 10 gauge slugs into it before it drops.


Bear’s gone through my garbage a few times (near CHSS), and there’ve been a few “bear warnings” between my street and CHSS over the years… and I’ve seen a few by seal cove, and a few out by Ridley. These have all been over the past years, I don’t think there’s ever been an “alarming number” or anything… every one that I’ve seen around here has run off as soon as I made the slightest noise.


thats because you’re such a house


I hiked Butze on Tuesday. No bears. In fact, in nearly a year of being here I have yet to see a bear west of Terrace.

Speaking of the Butze Trail trail though, has anyone else hiked it recently? It’s terrible! It’s now almost entirely boardwalked and/or gravelled. That’s not what a trail is meant to be! Before long there will be strollers on it, kids with small bikes and long lines of tourists!


Put up or shut up: blaze your own.


i recommend kiwanis trail, its as gnarly as yuo’ll want, and walking distance from town.


I stand corrected. This was taken yesterday by some dude in Rupert.

Can someone change my ‘description’ to ‘Photoshop Kiddie’?


Saw one yesterday about 10 kms east of Rupert. With its cub. Dangerous. Photo:

Saw a Grizzly, up close at Salvus (about half-way to Terrace) in the fall. No slugs or buckshot with me either. We scared it by shooting the water over and over again. Scary.


My bear is bigger!


tonight paper said grizleys where seen down there… so its quite possible… who knows.


I seen a Mama bear and her cubs here in Kitimat a few weeks ago. They were so cute.

2 summers ago the ministry of wildlife ( or ranger or whatever ) captured a bear right in our backyard at our old apartment next to Westview school.
So be bear aware folks.


is it carrying the cub in the pic? do they go all limp like kittens?


yes she was helping her cub cross the tracks and the little one is hopping over. The cub makes the tracks look big.



you cant be serious
i will look at the paper tomorrow… not grizzleys, gotta be black bear… RIIGHT??


I’ll assume it was a black bear, if a bear at all. The bear in my pic is a griz, probably 4 or 5 years old.


Daily News and CBC said grizzly.