BC Outdoors Stories

Anyone have any hunting, fishing or camping stories??

I had a Chinook that destroyed 90lb test Tuff-Line this summer.

Arg, that reminds me that i gotta start carrying my camera around again, at least the little one.

I have had shitty luck at catching fish this summer. Everyone else around me catches 'em, but not me. All I caught was spawned out chum. :frowning:

The run was slow, I guided for a lodge a bit and we were taking like 2/3 a day where last year we would have had like 8/9.

Watched my friend’s line and gear get ripped apart by a porpoise a couple of months ago. He was pissed.

Yesterday, I was stalked by a seal on the Skeena. It was freaky. Kept popping his head up, and I was like chest-high in the water. Thought he was going to pull a jaws on me.

PS, chest-high water for me is like knee-high water for normal people.

Yeah I have been stalked a few times by seals as well. I like to fish near them in rivers because that means there is a school nearby.
But I gotta be careful i don’t snag into 'em, I could end up loosing all my gear.

Saw my first wolf on Butze this summer

Haha, my waders filled this summer, we were crossing onto a bar because we were too lazy to take the boat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are seals man, not porpoises.

I saw a marten today and caught two cohos while kayaking.

kayaking? I get sooo paranoid when I fish from little boats.

Two years ago my dad had what he thought was a log drift by. He later saw some people scrambling around and realized it wasn’t a log that drift by. It was a lazy fisherman who did the exact same thing you did Dylan.

Kayaking rocks.

Paddle paddle, take a break. Paddle paddle, take a break.

I hate canoeing, you gotta go at somebody else’s pace.

one of the fish was about 9 pounds so it was kinda cool to fight it and go everywhere.

As shallow as this sounds, that is the only reason I fish, for the sport of it. I don’t eat salmon!
Some people call it catching and releasing, but if DFO heard this they would flip… I like to call it gutting and releasing (taking the eggs for eggballs, lol)

I eat salmon. But I do catch and release too. I was wondering how to keep the eggs for curing. Do you have a recipe6

Is it weird that I’ve never tried any kind of fish eggs, but I’ve eaten their tongues?

I’ve done catch and release duck hunting. Heh.

I cure them with Borax… you can also buy a ready mix at any local tackle shop. The ready mixes have dye in them that is supposed to attract more fish.